Logic Pro Erasing Maschine MIDI Data When Crashing

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    I recently began using the Maschine Mikro 2 integrated with Logic Pro X, and after finally routing the Maschine and recording MIDI on to a track I was working on, multiple times Logic has now crashed. Upon reloading the auto-save, the MIDI data is appearing on my screen in the arrangement window but my sounds have been reset in the Maschine plug-in and no MIDI sounds are coming through when playing back the track. I also have to re-route everything again upon reloading Logic.

    Has anyone ever run into this before and know a possible solution? It has been a quite frustrating experience so far trying to use Maschine in Logic, surely NI could make it easier to do so.



    EDIT: Definitely Maschine that is crashing Logic after trying reload multiple times now. Removed the Maschine track and now Logic is working totally fine. Very strange, would hate to have to exchange Maschine because I've really liked it on the whole up until now but I am a songwriter who needs to be working in Logic and this has been greatly affecting my productivity the last few days.
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