Loop Recorder EQ/Filter

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Nicolas Buthay, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Nicolas Buthay

    Nicolas Buthay New Member

    Loop Recorder would be a much more versatile tool if we could take advantage of simple things like EQ/Filter to mix the current output from the Loop Recorder with fresh live feed. Right now the only tool we have is Dry/Wet mix. Having to move the loop to a Remix deck to do anything else with it is not that convenient.
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  2. -Yul-

    -Yul- NI Product Owner

    Makes sense, been asked before, no reactions. I mean , likewise a decent mind would have thought about having an option in the preferences to select the source (or at least having the command to map that yourself), but nope, nothing for years.