Loose Encoder-Knob on the S8

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    Hi Guys.

    I lost one of my encoder-knobs from FX-bank 3. Luckily i found it today but i was wondering why the knob got lost in the first place.
    When i placed the knob back on the encoder i determined that the knob was exteme loose and was not even staying on the encoder in a tight position.
    Meaning it could just have felt of the encoder while i packed it in my crate, and will probably do so in the future.

    This Unit is 5 Months old (got a brand new replacement unit from NI, after my old unit, witch was nearly 18 months old, had some weird audio glitches) and i barely played 10 gigs with it,so the knobs where really not in heavy use.

    -Anyone else experienced that with any knob on his unit?
    -Any suggestions for tighten that loose knob?