Loud Pop when turning On or Off MK3 using The onboard audio Interface

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Johnnie O, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Johnnie O

    Johnnie O New Member

    I have Contacted Support with no answers just Canned garbage..
    With the MK3 connected to my PreSonus Eris E5, When I turn the MK3 Off or On I get a very Loud POP. and I do mean very loud pop..
    When I use the Scarlett 2i2 no issues no pops
    Does anyone have this issue?? What to do..

  2. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

    Turn your monitors off first. A lot of interfaces and audio devices e.g., mixers cause a pop when turning on/off when connected to live speakers .
  3. hlf

    hlf NI Product Owner

    It's basics mate, doesn't matter which interface pops or not, you always turn on/off your audio interface while the speakers are off.
  4. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Yeah, a lot of gear does this.
    I have my speakers connected to a separate power strip with an On/Off switch, it's close to my feet so I just use my toe to turn it off/on lol... It's more practical than reaching behind the speakers. If you're a crafty person you can glue it to the underside of your desk, been meaning to do that for ages...
  5. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee NI Product Owner

    I use to have an old Soundcraft mixer which caused a massive thump when switched on and off. The issue was I had all my audio gear connected to a master switch that I designed to switch on/off all the gear with a simple toggle switch on the desk and a relay. I ended up designing a small delay circuit just for the monitors so they switched on about 5 seconds after everything else. Not something everyone has the knowledge to do but the idea was from an old Technics component amp that had a delay inbuilt which would connect the speakers after a few seconds for this same reason.
  6. Supercreative

    Supercreative NI Product Owner

    I like that POP. Meanwhile it‘s normal for me. It remebers me always to switch off the monitors first... :D
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