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MAC OS X FM8 - Cannot import preset from sysex due to name containing period character

Discussion in 'Technical Issues - KOMPLETE (Archive)' started by bb500, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. bb500

    bb500 New Member

    e.g 'E.PIANO 1' 'E.Organ 1' from DX7 factory preset syses file - every other preset without a period is loaded and successfully converted, except names containing the period character.

    Works in Windows FM8 btw :/
  2. MarioD

    MarioD NI Product Owner

    Can you rename those presets without the period?
  3. musos

    musos NI Product Owner

    It's not only the period. Other restricted characters are * (star) and / (slash)
    All of these occur regularly in DX7 presets. All of these will prevent import into FM8.

    Do you perhaps have FM7? If you can open the banks of sounds in FM7, you can rename all of the troublesome presets and then import the banks into FM8. If this is not possible, try doing in Windows - surprised that it works there.
  4. MarioD

    MarioD NI Product Owner

    I just checked the many DX7 and TX81Z sysex patches that I have and none of them have a restricted character in them. The only non- alphanumeric characters are a space and an underscore.

    There may be a file batch rename program out there, don't know for sure, but you may want to google/bing and look. That way you could remove those restricted characters.

    I am using FM 8 in a 64 bit Win 7 Pro computer.
  5. nielsdolieslager

    nielsdolieslager NI Product Owner

    Has anyone reported this as a bug? And does it work on Windows? FM7 could do it because it imported banks, not patches, FM8 stops reading names of patches at these characters but also overwrites patches with identical names.