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Mac users- vst or au

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by ALDREAD, Sep 8, 2019.


Plugin choice

  1. Vst

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  2. Vst3

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  3. Au

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    ALDREAD NI Product Owner

    With vst 3 support on its way to maschine, we will now have another option, and more entries in the plugin browser, which for me has become messy , especially my waves entries , so last night I unchecked vst 2 , where vst 3 was available and au2 in the plugin manager .

    I should of probably done this a while back , it cleaned my lists and got rid of duplicates plus plugins I no longer use , but nevertheless it posed the question. What should I use , au, vst or vst3 when released.

    After looking at a few write ups , I’ve read au perform better on Mac as they are built for it and core audio? , is this true against vst3 ? Is this host dependent? Ie logic ,Cubase , maschine.
    Vst outputs midi , atm au doesn’t, but is this really important. I know it lets you output midi from the maschine plugin to daws , but is it useful inside of maschine.
    Vst has a better attitude to automation with more organised lists.
    Vst3 doesn’t use processing power when not in use . Lol , don’t confuse yourself with that statement. I mean when it’s loaded on a track and no audio is coming from it.
    Vst3 allows side chaining
    What do you normally use vst or au ?
    Why ? If you know about the tech side.
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  2. p1afff

    p1afff NI Product Owner

    More important (to me at least) is the fact that as a format widely used also on PC, a good part of the plug-in code has probably been more tested, with more feedback.
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  3. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    I go with VST3 whenever possible:
    The CPU efficiency does make a difference.
    IInfoListener can read info from the DAW, like track name, index, color etc... Not a huge feature most of the time but nice to have.
    The ability of VST3 plugins to communicate with each other is also cool, helpfull for more than easy sidechain.
    It's widely adopted in all DAW's/OS's unlike AU, I like the idea that if I ever switch from Mac to a Windows for some reason I won't lose all my projects.
    Also, in the AU world it's confusing to know when the plugin is AU2 or AU3 which then leads to the MIDI-out from instrument issue and a lot of misunderstanding.

    I have no idea about performance differences between AU VS VST though.
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  4. SM313

    SM313 NI Product Owner

    VST performs better than AU.. Ive always stuck with AU because of Logic but now that I use Ableton I always try to use the VST version of the plug in.. Its faster than AU as well.. because some AU plug ins are just wraps of VST.. well ...some plug ins.
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  5. Stormchild

    Stormchild NI Product Owner

    In Logic I use AU because that's all there is.

    In Ableton Live I use VST3 if it's available, otherwise AU, because all VST3 and AU plugins are properly organized by vendor, and most VST2 plugins aren't. The only exception: I use the VST versions of Komplete Kontrol and Maschine, because VST supports MIDI out and AUv2 doesn't. (I know AUv3 supports MIDI out, but I don't know of any AUv3 plugins for Mac. I have a small handful on iOS.)

    I've seen claims of VST3 having improved performance over VST2, and VST (in general) performing better than AU, but no evidence to support those claims. I guess I could do my own testing. Maybe I will at some point.
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  6. Kaydigi

    Kaydigi NI Product Owner

    Oh VST 3 is coming to maschine ? The possibilities with Reason 11 is mind blowing.

    ALDREAD NI Product Owner

  8. machinesworkinghardforyou

    machinesworkinghardforyou NI Product Owner

    Personally I use VST2 at this point, mainly because I've been working in Live, MPC2 and Reaper outside of Maschine.
    I install both VST and AU on my computers, it's worth it for a really simple reason, most of the time when a plug in is buggy, it's buggy with either the AU or the VST version and you can switch to the other at will. AU has a better plug in evaluation check for it, so a lot of times it can be more stable, there is a tiny CPU hit for it, and it cannot transmit MIDI from a plug in like VSTi's can, so for drum machines and sequencers like Maschine and Reaktor using the VST versions is IMO always preferable.

    VST3 is the future and as soon as stable versions are here I will use them.
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