Macbook Pro - Do I install Mac version or Windows version of Traktor Pro?

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    I see lots of questions around installing on a PC vs a Mac but not really any discussion of the differences between Mac vs Windows versions of the software when using Apple hardware and hardware connectivity for a Kontroller S8 when running under Windows on that Apple hardware.

    I am about to buy a MacBook Pro because I wanted a 1TB SSD and I like Apple hardware (I'd like it more with touch, but.....) , but I'm not a fan of their OS (especially the latest version which seems to be a step backwards according to most). I work in Windows in my day job and although Windows 8 was horrendous Windows 8.1 is bearable so I'd rather go with that than Windows 7.

    I get the impression (possibly incorrect) that there are more issues with Traktor on the Mac version of the software with regard to hardware drivers and speed so was going to install Windows 8.1 using Bootcamp and then run the PC version of Traktor. It minimises the learning curve of having to deal with an Apple OS (I've got an Apple Mini but don't use it much as I just don't get on with Apple's OS although I like iOS). I've also read reviews that say software actually runs faster (better) on a Windows 8.1 installation on a MacBook Pro than running the same software in native OSX - which just seems crazy.

    Do others have any success/horror stories to share if they've bought a MacBook Pro and run Tracktor under Windows rather than OSX? If I have to get to grips with Max OSX I will do, but at the moment Windows 8.1 seems a better way to go for me. Although the intention is to use this laptop almost exclusively for DJing it does mean that I could run my other purchased software rather than having to worry about purchasing/using the Apple Mac equivalents.

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    There are currently compatibility issues with certain hardware controllers, Traktor 2.7.1 and OSX 10.10.
    Afaik the S8 should work flawlessly with this setup though.

    Yosemite is definitely a step up from 10.9.

    I would suggest to start using 10.10 and see how you like it. I too am used to WIndows (7) and use it every day for hours at work..
    But OSX man.. It's beatiful once you get it. It's extremely stable and robust.. Don't expect to do things exactly as you are used to in windows though.. Spend some time with it and maybe list to podcasts like "Mac Power Users" or "MacBreak Weekly" - excellent stuff for getting more productive with OSX.
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    I think you are looking at this subject thru the eyes of a happy Windows user that is hesitant about OS X.
    The "learning curve" is much less troublesome than using Win with Bootcamp. Bootcamp sucks in my opinion and will not give you a 100% Windows experience - it's one big workaround that I personally do not like.

    If you are using a Mac then use OS X and get used to it. The differences are slight and easily learned. You sound like an experienced computer user - OS X will not a be an issue for you.
    Install Bootcamp on a partition and run your Win applications on that and keep Traktor on the OS X partition - that's what I do.

    Oh an this myth you may have read about Traktor "running faster" on Win is nonsense. Traktor neither runs faster or slower on any OS or (believe or not) on any machine. Traktor runs as fast as it can at it's own pace, it is it's own bottleneck. If you have a modern machine that exceeds the minimum specs then Traktor will run at the same speed as it does on any other machine.

    As for the hardware issues you have read about, Bootcamp won't fix them. They are largely down to a certain chipset in the previous MBP range and bootcamp won't help.

    Of course one way of looking at it is that once Traktor is open - it doesn't matter what OS you are using. If it works, it works.

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    I once considered doing something when I bought my first Mac.

    As It turned out the use of virtual Windows® environments such as Boot Camp, Parallel Desktop, ... created more problems than they solved.
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    Correct but you can use your Windows Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine. This feature gives you the following abilities:
    - Use your Boot Camp virtual machine and your Mac without rebooting to switch between them.
    - Share files between your Boot Camp virtual machine and your Mac, through shared folders