Mackie Control (MCU) Parameter ID codes/template

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    I was looking for a comprehensive list of the MCU parameter IDs for customizing the Mackie Control template for my Maschine MK2 and came across this post:

    I used Dietrich's advice (and some trial and error) to map out all the parameter IDs to the MCU buttons, since quite a few of them are actually mislabeled by default.

    I'm using Logic Pro X, so basically followed the instructions at to set it up (but use Maschine MK2 Virtual Input instead of MIDI input port 0).

    Documentation for how to use the MCU with Logic at It's pretty powerful once you get the hang of it.

    My working MCU template for the Maschine MK2 also attached (should be renamed from .txt to .ncm2). Hope this saves someone else some time.

    ID - MCU Button
    0-7 Record 1-8
    8-15 Solo 1-8
    16-23 Mute 1-8
    24-31 Select 1-8
    32-39 V-Pot 1-8

    40 Track
    41 Send
    42 Pan
    43 Plug-In
    44 EQ
    45 Instrument
    46 < Bank
    47 Bank >
    48 < Chn.
    49 Chn. >
    50 Flip
    51 Global View

    52 Name
    53 SMPTE

    54-61 F1-F8

    62 MIDI Tracks
    63 Inputs
    64 Audio Tracks
    65 Audio Instrument
    66 Aux
    67 Busses
    68 Outputs
    69 User

    70 Shift
    71 Option
    72 Ctrl
    73 Cmd/Alt

    74 Read/Off
    75 Write
    76 Trim
    77 Touch
    78 Latch
    79 Group
    80 Save
    81 Undo
    82 Cancel
    83 Enter

    84 Marker
    85 Nudge
    86 Cycle
    87 Drop
    88 Replace
    89 Click
    90 Solo

    91 Rewind
    92 Fast Fwd.
    93 Stop
    94 Play
    95 Record
    96 Arrow Up
    97 Arrow Down
    98 Arrow Left
    99 Arrow Right
    100 Zoom
    101 Scrub

    102 User Switch A (Play/Stop in Logic)
    103 User Switch B (Record Toggle in Logic)

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  2. Alberto De La Cruz

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    Man! Thank You!

    I was driving myself crazy wondering why some of the functions didn't work! This is perfect now im going to have Studio One running like a charm with my Maschine MK2!
  3. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

    But MCU protocoll is different for every DAW a little bit i've also done that for cubase.

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  4. Alberto De La Cruz

    Alberto De La Cruz New Member

    You're right because my DAW (Studio One) does not let me plugin inserts on my MK2 with feed back on the LED screens