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main browser screen / file tree issue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nitebloom, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. Nitebloom

    Nitebloom New Member


    I have been using Traktor since 2011. Played thousands of gigs since then using it. It was an older version / Scratch Pro. Really enjoy what it brings to my sets.

    I recently upgraded my software and transitioned to 3pro. I use Reloop Jockey 3ME / Win7 x86.
    I Upgraded because the older software started having issues when I reinstalled Windows and selecting new tracks and sending to deks would cause error reading file. I noticed this occurring when I browsed to folders that might have not been scanned in a while, or since install. But because of the complexity of my FILE tree It was almost impossible to scan each folder, and sub folders refuse to scan, as we all know.
    So I decided to purchase a 3 pro version for a number of reasons.
    ISSUE at hands is: on the LEFT"MAIN" window where the filetree lives I cannot browse my tree correctly, a combination of the "shift" button and browser wheel on my controller make the jump from top of tree to "middle" and then a random folder that seems to change as I continue to browse and scan my content...I understand this might be a mapping issue, but the scroll wheel function reacts accordingly when I'm within the folder and browsing/selecting on the right hand window. THe mappings were exported and imported from my older config. I have tried a "raw" mapping as well from a few other Reloop users.

    I'm at a point where I'm spending hours troubleshooting and just a lil bit here and there playing...it froze up on me mid set in front of a large audience multiple times and during live radio broadcasts....

    Any input appreciated...and much love to all the Dj's out there......
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