Make Native Mix Recorder Highest Priority for Traktor Scratch Pro .1 Release / Update

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by blancodisco, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. bobbyduracel

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    I hope Traktor 3 is coming VERY SOON, and I hope they release some 5-channel controllers and mixers with built-in MASCHINE channels. I am happy recording mixes in Ableton with discrete outs, so at least let's make the next gen controllers/mixers play nice with Ableton. Think of the failed Bridge... Let users record each deck as a midi channel in Ableton for automation, paired with an audio channel to record our output. Something like that. Come on. My Denon Prime can output the discrete decks, just without recording my knobs and faders. The Bridge was an epic failure (even though only a few of us saw that failure coming a mile away and the others figured it out a year after) but technology is much better in 2017-2018. Do it. Crush Serato!
  2. mastermc

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    that feature won't happen
  3. bobbyduracel

    bobbyduracel NI Product Owner

    That's too bad, because other product lines are getting much closer to these feats, some completely standalone. They'll keep pulling customers away.

    Recording midi data as automation isn't that important to me - but I can see why the promises the initial Bridge made were latched onto by many. The full-blown Maschine deck seems logical.

    If Pioneer updated their Nexus CDJ's to be dual layer with 8 pads - like the Denon Prime series, they will be hard to beat. Their mixers are solid. Their DJS-1000 is rad (and syncs perfectly to their rig). If Denon just takes the MPC pads and shoves them into an SC5000 shell (since InMusic owns both anyways) - they could add a standalone sampler/sequencer box to their lineup. In either case, they crush the Traktor/Maschine combo.

    If Ableton and Serato attempt again to join forces - they too could crush the combo of T/M.

    And this coming from a guy who's used Traktor Scratch since the Stanton FS 1.0 came out, not just a 20 year old who thinks "this is the Traktor killer" or whatever else the kids are saying with every new product release. They need to make their two most popular products talk to one another in more meaningful ways an integrate them. As it stands, you need a second computer to properly run both in a live environment (if you're pushing both apps fully). Yes, it can be a $700 Mac mini, but that's not a competitive answer.

    I'll continue to be hopeful and optimistic, but in the meantime Traktor is just my backup setup, because the Denon Prime crushed them this year in a standalone package.
  4. Royal Tee

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    It's time for this Paul guy to step up!!!

    Make it happen!!!:D
  5. Wyley

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    The Native Mix Recorder has been gone to long. PLS bring it back.