Make reaktor work as audio suite in protools

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by tilman02, Mar 23, 2014.

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    The title says it. It would be very usefull if Reaktor would also appear as Audio Suite version in Protools. This way you could use FX ensembles as render fx in protools. Dave Tremblay @ Avid said for AAX it would be more simple for developers to integrate Audio Suite functionality into their software.

    Here is the quote:
    \"We overhauled AudioSuite when bringing it into the AAX world, so all developers have to do is add a single line of code to make their AAX Native plug-ins work as “AudioSuite”. This one line change tells the system that this AudioSuite processing is identical to the AAX Native processing. I’ll let you infer anything beyond that.[bleep]\" Dave Tremblay

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    Almost 6 years after this thread I second what Tilman said. It would be very (very, very, very) usefull if Reaktor (all NI products in fact…) would also appear as AudioSuite version in Protools.
    For years I have to use Blue Cat's PatchWork plugin to achieve this.

    Can you tell us why ?
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    Indeed AAX replaced RTAS years ago.
    But AudioSuite is still there (and different). It's a way in Pro Tools that allow to render (in destrucive mode) plugins. So not in real time and not as inserts or send.