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Many Problems with Traktor Pro

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by C2C, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. C2C

    C2C New Member

    Hello Guys, i have many problems with New Traktor Pro in my performaces.

    That it !

    - Automatic Shut Down (Software)

    - Freezer Painel

    - New Grid or Auto Grid System not good yet (Adjust No Correct)

    - Beatmasher2 with Delay (I prefer the beatmasher system Traktor 3)

    - New EFFECTS using hard processor CPU.

    - Sync and Master confused with 4 Decks

    - I need change all the time my grid to adjust good loop. Traktor 3 this is automatic.

    - Using 3 or 4 Effects in the same time, make some crashes on the view and painel.

    Really WE NEED UPDATE NOW ! I cant use in my performaces, very danger. This is Stopped 5 Times in 4 Gigs. :0(

    My Lap Top :

    New Mac Book Pro 2.8 with 4 GB.

    I check in my old lap top mac book pro 2.5 with 4 GB, same problems.

    Please Guys ! This is Serioussssssssssssssssssss........

    I am user of the Traktor since Traktor 1, so i know about this!....

    Big Hug and Help us.
    M :(
  2. KKorpos

    KKorpos Forum Member

    + 1 Keeping my fingers crossed that an update comes out tomorrow so I can run with it this weekend! I may be dreaming...
  3. divine dj

    divine dj Forum Member

    tomorrow ? A bit fast, don't you think ?

    1 month => more reasonable.
  4. KKorpos

    KKorpos Forum Member

    like I said, probably dreaming. But it does stink that this was released with so many bugs that prohibit live usage. I guess I am just bummed out....

    It is like dangling the carrot in front of the rabbit -- this new Pro is really powerful, and really exciting....I just want to feel confident about using it live.
  5. C2C

    C2C New Member

    I stayed impressed like a company as NI, released something with so many Bugs. And worn out so much money with a markenting so strong. I saw nobody happy with so many problems.

    Markenting & Midia - OK?
    Perfomace - BAD !

    That entered in the market as a dream of renewal. And it is becoming a nightmare for professionals that follow to NI. Very Sad !
  6. crucial d

    crucial d NI Product Owner

    solution: you better use Traktor 3 until it's all worked out....
  7. groovemixer

    groovemixer Forum Member

    humm i played with it yesterday with no issues, im lovin it, sure u guyes have it set up right? there is lots of tweeking that can b done to make it fly.

    ps: every new software that comes out has bugs, theres nothing different here.
  8. Macaque

    Macaque New Member

    My effects don't use hard processor CPU. But something gets hard when I use them......
  9. Lancellot

    Lancellot NI Product Owner

    But Traktor is not new.
    Traktor Pro was announced as:
    and boasted with:
    and statements of many professional DJ/artist on the Pro microsite. (none of whom praise the "new" Pro version, only Traktor, or Traktor Scratch)
    It is fair for a customer to expect NI to deliver what it advertised.
    Anything else is nothing but "used car salesmanship".

    It is not up to the customer to help debug software.
    If betatesters are not able to, because they are blinded by having a beta, or do not have enough time to test and report, make it a public beta, not a "paid" beta.
    The best example of a bug, is the Piracy message cropping up on some WIN screens. This shows that TP was not thoroughly tested, and if this bug turned up in the beta cycles, it was put down as "the odd one" and not taken serious. (just like it is being handled now)

    IMO it makes more sense in deploying programming resources towards the application than devising copy-protection.
    I will not get into the method of bypassing this, but out of curiosity and educational reasons I had a look...(yawn)
    (do not dare to ask me about this! any messages will be ignored!)
    Cracks are illegal! Even for private use! I have immediately deleted it. DO NOT ever deploy them!

    When Apple bought Emagic, it took them 3 years to release an update, 7->8 of Logic Pro.
    Considering all the bugs, one year of development/testing for Traktor Pro is obviously not enough.

    Traktor Pro is great, and I love the new features, but I`m too much of a chicken $hit to actually deploy it in my 8+ hours sets.

    At the moment I stick to Ableton Live, Serato and Traktor3.
    Isn`t there a saying, never change a running system?
    This stance is viewed by most of my colleagues who are reluctant to switch.

    NI, like most developers, pursue a one-way dictatorial relationship with their customers.
    Information is leaked on a "need to know" basis.
    There is no transparent communication on this forum.
    Other companies like Redmatica (which are smaller) have a friendly real-time support. Even at 3am! Not "we are the 80110ck5" attitude.

    I have supported NI for many years now, and I absolutely LOVE their products, but not their arrogant attitude towards their faithful users.
  10. Nerm

    Nerm Forum Member

  11. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Yawn. im getting a sense of Deja Vu with posts that rag NI all the way through then end up saying "PRO is great though" its a lame way of excusing a post that just repeats the same half baked claims and digs about NI support, the program, copy protection(massive yawn).

    Ive never found NI to be arrogant . Just sayin' , nothing more.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2008
  12. Nerm

    Nerm Forum Member

    I guess people (including myself) rag on the software and then feel bad for the Dev team! And, I suppose, also want to convey their love of Traktor.
  13. dzjeck

    dzjeck New Member

    I don't get why the programmers of the Traktor Pro doesn't rely on the stability of Traktor 3 to create a good Update with the new effects. It looks like they started from zero to create Traktor Pro. Leaving it full of bugs and errors.

    I am willing to pay extra money for an update of Traktor 3 with the new effects of TPro. (and Display-support for the denon hc-4500)

    I can't go playing with a program that isn't reliable. I keep on doing my gigs with Traktor 3.
  14. DJGonzo_78

    DJGonzo_78 NI Product Owner

    Im with you dzjeck....

    I got excited about it and went ahead and bought the upgrade on day one. I'm pissed now cause its giving me problems. A lot of my tunes skip during the first 2 or 3 bars - during my live sets - and still have no way to fix it. I'm about to ask for my money back! : (

    I still have TS 1.3 installed, I can still go back and use it right? Do I need to uninstall TS Pro at all? Some help would be much appreciate it.

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