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Mapping S2 MK2 like S4 MK1 in browser mode

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by SebLadygus, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. SebLadygus

    SebLadygus New Member

    I have a issue with the new S2 MK2.

    Before I get it, I use the S4 MK1 and I like very much controls in the browser mode :
    - The move/size knob (left one) allow me to navigate on the left menu (the one with all folders)
    - The size/set knob (right one) allow to navigate in the favorites
    - Shift + moving a jog = very fast navigation in the tracklist

    With the new S2 MK2, in browser mode, I loose these features. In fact, the two knobs just work as in mixing mode. So I would like to remap my S2 MK2 to have these features back again. I mean, having the same controls in browser mode in the S2 MK2 as in the S4. Is that possible?

    Secondly, on main mixing mode, I notice that replacing a remix deck by a regular deck (C and D as a normal deck) don’t allow to use play, cue… when pressing on A or B remix deck button on the S2. Is there a solution to use and control C and D deck as regular one, like A and B deck, on the S2 MK2?

    Thank you for your help.
  2. Babslive

    Babslive New Member

    Same issue here