Marking waveforms for vocals, sections, etc

Discussion in 'Feature Request' started by Strange Matter, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Strange Matter

    Strange Matter NI Product Owner

    I have an idea that I don't think has been implemented in any DJ software ever before but would be of tremendous value to a multitude of different types of DJ. Could we have the ability to highlight areas on track waveforms? For example, I recorded a mix not too long ago that clashed a few vocals. If I could mark in the tracks' waveforms where the vocals were that could've been avoided. I know I could mark them with cue points, but only having 8 means I'd prefer they were spared so I can use them for interesting points to cue-jump to.

    You could maybe start with one and if the feature is well adopted, you could expand that, perhaps colour coding.
  2. Bert Patroons

    Bert Patroons NI Product Owner

    +1 great idea!
  3. Rick Dangerous

    Rick Dangerous NI Product Owner

    Just a small coloured stripe above the waveform would be enough.