Maschine 1.9-2.0 update

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by Mehdo, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Mehdo

    Mehdo New Member

    Okay maschine needs

    1. .sf2 file format import so I can buy and use my existing DSF .sf2 Emu sounds and of course buy the expansion packs from NI
    2. rewire hosting it would be nice to use reason synths in maschine
    3. 8-24 more groups also a way to use multitimbral vst and hardware instruments across groups w/o having to load more instances of a vst
    4. multi core support
    5. New mixer window for mixing and mastering in maschine
    7. 8 track audio recorder for of course adding live drums, guitar, and vocals
    8. Time clock
    9. import kontakt expansion packs like alicia keys and all the others
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  2. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    1-8) existing feature requests, there is developed discussion on these elsewhere
    9) use Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player. Kontakt is a more complex sampler than Maschine, even if you could 'convert' them, you'd have an incomplete, inferior instrument
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  3. EpikureeR

    EpikureeR NI Product Owner

    As soon as someone talks about mastering in maschine then I can't take that guy serious >_>

    More individual outputs would be enough so you could mix in a daw, which is a much more suitable way of mixing.
  4. anubeats

    anubeats Forum Member

    yes MORE individual outputs would be extremely awesome for many things ! waiting for that wishing for that and hoping for that ! +1000000

    and dont forget to mention an advance midi routing capability that would solve the problem with the multitimbral instrument and the idea of layering instruments and play them all together would be also awesome ! +1000

    and more wishes:
    disk browsing on the hardware :) +1

    of course the arppegiator +1

    note lenght quantisation possibilities +1

    locator's with loop function +1

    "sampler update" easy layering option for one pad like 2-4 sample layers with full sampler function for each layer :) +100

    option to have an plug in window open, so i can have maybe some analyzer plug ins in the master channel and they always open o_O would be that also awesome ?
    but with many many many more outputs would solve this problem (yeah the more outputs option is my must have wish :)

    greetz anubeats
  5. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    How about the ability to double-click the master volume slider and have it reset to it's default volume level. And while you're at it, a text field somewhere identifying the value of the slider as it is moved.
  6. stroft

    stroft Account Suspended

    More colors.


    and frikin' laserbeams
  7. Droe33

    Droe33 Forum Member

    More groups, Side compression, and better mastering capabilities. That's it. I'd be pretty happy with that. In the future how about the capabilities of looking at the grid through the small screens. That would be convenient as hell for me.
  8. stroft

    stroft Account Suspended

    ok, 4realz this time.. arp for real. this first. i want scales and modes mapped across the pads. dedicated audio tracks. If when I duplicate a sample while editing.. if it wouldnt reset my zoom on the new pad, that would be intelligent. A faster way to clear a single lane of pattern notes without resetting the sound. If Maschine could sample my input ( pref. "whatUhear" ) to a pad by pressing the pad to start and pressing again to stop, mute the input and then let me trim the capture in realtime while it loops with or without the backtracks playing, that would be easy and intelligent.
  9. robertginkgo

    robertginkgo Forum Member

    While we are at it

    I think it's time for Maschine to make a bit more of an evolutionary leap, in addition to filling in abundant gaps on an overall awesome product.

    1- absolutely, more outputs. Which leads me to-

    2- overall more thought on developing real templates that work within existing workflows for the major DAWs to minimize redundancy. (I'd say this is way smarter than continuing in the direction of making Maschine a "self-contained" unit.) This means both the software architecture to support complex multiple in/out midi and audio routings and some pre-constructed templates to support this.

    This is even more feasible with the news that Max4Live is built into Live Suite, so it will be in the hands of more Live Users. If Live itself can't support whatever NI have in mind, get Berlin's best and brightest to make a badass Max Patch to handle the task.

    (On this note, I'd like to know just how much NI and Ableton talk to each other. Aren't they the two dominant, Berlin-based Audio companies? Isn't Serato basically not in the running, at least as far as envelope pushing?)

    3- How about a banging Traktor merger that blows the bridge out of the water? I can't believe all the whining that NI did about how complex the circuitry in the Traktor F1 was (their explanation about why no other MIDI controllers could replace the F1), and then proceded to leave that out of the MK2. It's sad that the best they've come up with so far is "drag and drop Maschine clips into your F1." Real sad. And also, anyone who's got a long standing relationship with NI is going to hold off on buying their new hardware (F1) because they'll change directions in 6 months. (Whoa, reign it in, self...) I think this would be a killer feature, and I have transitively face-palmed myself countless times for the oversight of leaving this out after back to back releases of the F1 and the Maschine MKII.

    3.5 - Better yet, what if NI made a deal with Ableton (I know, I'm dreaming now) and got them to open up The Bridge protocol so that Traktor's remix decks could optionally support clip launch either from native, Maschine, or Live? Would this not crush all doubt that NI is sleeping on some massive opportunity?

    4- REVAMPED SAMPLER. Por favor.

    5- Maybe fix Keyboard Mode so it works in VST mode?

    The more I think about it, I'm worried that there isn't even an indication from NI about what they are putting in 1.9/2.0, especially given Ableton's clear grab into Maschine territory with the Push controller, and the fact that there was a feature list for 1.8 at least 6 months before the release.

    There are interesting discussions in the "Ableton Push Controller" thread about how "NI most certainly has a very awesome road map for Maschine," and I want to believe it so badly, but the truth is that I don't at the moment. I want something to believe in!

    Letzgo, NI.
  10. Und3rd0g

    Und3rd0g NI Product Owner

    better volume control for the single pads! i hate that little knob in the software!
  11. Ritchie_Jay

    Ritchie_Jay NI Product Owner

    use the hardware - hold the pad - turn the volume pot

    same applies to group volume
  12. content

    content Forum Member

    Ya but you can't really mix with the controller when you have to play your sound to adjust the volume by pressing the pad and then moving the pot. It forces you to revert to the software and its kind of tedious. I would love bigger software pots (like the 8 pots above on the page screen) to mix volume with and definitely would like VU meters for them too!
  13. electrofux

    electrofux Forum Member

    3 words:

    proper Midi Implementation
  14. Ritchie_Jay

    Ritchie_Jay NI Product Owner

    You dont have to play the sound.

    Hold select then press pad. Release select while keeping pad pressed. (This selects sound without it triggering.

    Then adjust volume while keeping pad pressed.
  15. Mehdo

    Mehdo New Member

    I was just throwing around ideas Would love to see more groups, better midi, and .sf2 format
  16. Rosski

    Rosski New Member

    Importing MIDI would be nice, dunno why this has been overlooked.

    Automation CURVES could be a good feature too, the stepping is annoying if you just want a simple fade
  17. curly430

    curly430 Forum Member

    These are by far the two features I want the most.
    Stepped automation is too shaky for me.
  18. jayminho

    jayminho NI Product Owner

    sf2, midi, mp3, master and mixing, note lenght quantization, better drag and drop, better edit,

    long story short

    just copy all ableton features and put on maschine. done. perfect device!
  19. ServeSwaggerSurf

    ServeSwaggerSurf Forum Member

  20. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    What I want most is the ability to stretch/compress a group of selected notes so that their starting positions would get closer or further apart (the note lengths would stay the same). It would allow freestyle beats to be stretched to fit measures at the current BPM. It's a very simple thing to program and would be extremely useful.