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Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Kai @ NI, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Kai @ NI

    Kai @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hey everyone!

    I’m very happy to let you know that the updates for MASCHINE 2.12 just went live and KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.5 will join within the next hour(s). The team has been working hard and tirelessly for almost the last year to put these features together and it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest feature release we made since MASCHINE MK3 and the Audio Module were launched.

    I want to thank all people and teams involved in building these features for MASCHINE software and making them available on MASCHINE+. Also big thanks to all of you who helped us out with Beta testing and feedback on Centercode. We will continue to refine and update the software as we did in the last years to continuously make MASCHINE a better instrument and tool for you!

    Our colleague Brian created a walkthrough video to show you a couple of workflows and highlights of this release:

    Note: If you are an early bird on this thread, the link above may still be set to “unlisted” by the time you watch it, but it is already accessible. It will be switched to public later in the day, so no worries about that!

    Here are the Changelogs at a glance:

    MASCHINE 2.12

    ADDED Clips in Song Mode
    Clips are unique elements that can be added on top of or used without Patterns. They introduce a new way of working with MASCHINE in a traditional timeline based workflow, as well as augmenting the existing Pattern workflow to add variations to your arrangement more easily. Please find more details on how to use Clips in our Addendum of the Maschine Manual https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/maschine/production-systems/maschine/downloads/.

    ADDED The "Double" function from hardware controllers is now available in the software
    This function can now be found in the context (right click) menu and via the key commands "CMD + SHIFT + D" on macOS or "CTRL + SHIFT + D" on Windows. Note: Software keyboard shortcuts might not work as expected when using MASCHINE as a plug-in.

    ADDED VST3 support for Super 8 R2
    We are now supporting Super 8 R2 as a first VST3 plug-in. Please note that other VST3 plug-ins are not yet supported with this release.

    ADDED By holding SHIFT you can now move Scenes, Patterns and Sections from the Hardware (MASCHINE+, MK3 and STUDIO)

    IMPROVED Clip and Pattern boundaries are extended for event insertion when needed

    FIXED An issue where a library scan would affect the "last modified" dates of files in the user library

    FIXED An issue on Windows where Maschine would freeze when switching Group or Sound with 3rd Party UI

    FIXED An issue where Note Events in Patterns could not be resized to the left

    FIXED An issue where Position and Start of Patterns were reset when loading a new Group / Kit without "+Patterns" enabled

    FIXED An issue where Piano Roll and Pad Mode were not aligned on the HW screens

    FIXED An issue the Scene Page Bank would not refresh correctly after undoing a Scene duplication

    FIXED An issue where the waveform remained static on the controller screen when zooming

    FIXED An issue where the first beat was skipped when live looping


    ADDED VST3 support for Super 8 R2
    We are now supporting Super 8 R2 as a first VST3 plug-in. Please note that other VST3 plug-ins are not yet supported with this release.

    Important Notes

    Please note that with these releases the minimum system requirements on Macs are now macOS 10.13 (previously 10.12)

    A word on MASCHINE JAM

    Since we’ve seen some discussion around Maschine Jam, please let us clarify that MASCHINE JAM is not End Of Life, but End Of Production. We still support MASCHINE JAM, as we do with all other older MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL hardware products that we don’t produce anymore. To this day, all of these products are still supported by the latest MASCHINE 2 software.

    That said, there has to come a point where we stop supporting certain hardware, but such an End Of Life decision will be shared with you 12-24 months before the actual End Of Life date.

    Using just MASCHINE JAM with the latest software update of MASCHINE you will be able to:
    • Switch between Ideas View and Song Mode
    • When switching to Song Mode, any MIDI or Modulation information can be recorded into a Clip (Pad Mode / Keyboard Mode / Perform FX, etc.) via MASCHINE JAM
    • A Clip is automatically created for the length / duration of the recording
    • In an existing Clip, the Step Sequencer can be used for Clips as well
    • The focus needs to be set to Clips (default when switching to Song Mode) in order to interact with Clips from MASCHINE JAM

    All other features can be accessed in the software via keyboard and mouse.

    Using MASCHINE MK3 and MASCHINE JAM together allows you to unlock additional hardware workflows:
    • Create Clips, change Clip position, alter length / duration, select Clip, set focus (MK3)
    • Record MIDI and Modulation into Clips (MK3 & JAM)
    • Step sequence (MK3 & JAM)

    Right now we are still assessing if we can make MASCHINE JAM work with MASCHINE+ in standalone mode. Once we know more about this, we will come with an update.
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  2. olafmol

    olafmol NI Product Owner

    congrats on the updates! Nice job!
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  3. GoKeez

    GoKeez NI Product Owner

    Sweet. Take a sip, toke or poke at your favorite vice. Celebrate the victories and bask in worldwide gratitude before getting back to Gods work of creatively serving we the creatives my friend. Good job!
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  4. ShelLuser

    ShelLuser NI Product Owner

    This is pretty cool stuff! Something to help us get through the night in anticipation for Komplete 13 :cool:
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  5. Troove

    Troove New Member


    congrats on the Update! Any words on when there will be full third party VST3 compatibility in Maschine & Komplete Kontrol?
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  6. KingKrog

    KingKrog NI Product Owner

    Awesome stuff - very excited tor try it out.
    I think people have been waiting a long time for this update. Congratulations on getting it out there!

    "FIXED An issue where the first beat was skipped when live looping"
    So glad to see a fix for this!
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2020
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  7. Kai @ NI

    Kai @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Thanks! We are currently refining plans and are looking at different options. It's too early to speak of a timeline for full support, but this is the first milestone in this direction and we'll be able to comment on this topic in more detail before the end of the year.
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  8. LoveEnigma

    LoveEnigma NI Product Owner

    Congrats. This is quite impressive. Overall, I am very happy with all the software updates we have been getting lately. Thank you so much.

    Keep up the great work. :) :thumbsup:

    Will Super 8 R2 still be hosted in Reaktor or now since it is VST3 (and Reaktor is still VST2), I wonder if it will be a dedicated plugin?
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2020
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  9. Troove

    Troove New Member

    Thx for the reply. Good to hear. Would love to finally be able to browse and edit all of the Roland Cloud Synths from within KK.
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  10. Old Mike

    Old Mike NI Product Owner

    Thank you very much for you effort, even in strange and hard days as we all and especially you as a company had to go through.
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  11. Nikal Might

    Nikal Might NI Product Owner

    This is a game changer. Removes a lot the awkwardness of having to create loads of patterns just to add different fills. Thanks NI!:)
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  12. muitosabao

    muitosabao NI Product Owner

    Amazing work, team.
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  13. Reefius

    Reefius NI Product Owner

    So, when will this Super 8 R2 officially be released and will it be a free upgrade for the current Super 8 owners?
  14. Kai @ NI

    Kai @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Thanks! Its now a dedicated plug-in that can be loaded individually. And its Hi-res as well.
    The future is just around the corner. More on that tomorrow though :)
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  15. ArtisanS

    ArtisanS New Member


    First thoughts after 4 minutes and 22 seconds of use: Ooooooh Yeah, and after an additional 32 seconds, Wooooohah!

    Keep up the good work. And live long and prosper!
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  16. Kaldosh

    Kaldosh NI Product Owner

    It's all very exciting and sounds amazing. Well done guys.

    If Jam are not sold out everywhere they might soon will :eek:
  17. 202atNI

    202atNI NI Product Owner

    Good news! Congrates on the new updates, and then tomorrow ... it's big release day !
  18. paulderr

    paulderr New Member

    Ok Maschine Jam has been discontinued. No stores have new product. They are all out. Having said that what is the possibility of a Maschine Jam MK2 or something similar?
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  19. Blindeddie

    Blindeddie NI Product Owner

    Confirming that this issue is corrected (sorry, forgot to check this one in BETA) All is good!
  20. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

    this is really huge - congrats native