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Maschine 3 announc.... no wait .. "Akai Force" sorry

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by mykejb, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. mykejb

    mykejb NI Product Owner

  2. m-chop

    m-chop NI Product Owner

  3. crushkd001

    crushkd001 NI Product Owner

    Without a Computer........Maschine Jam Killer...LOL
  4. dsy73

    dsy73 New Member

  5. aboxclaude

    aboxclaude NI Product Owner

    This may turn out to be exactly what I have always wanted. A complete no-computer setup that CAN at one point be tethered to my favorite DAW. The update is going to make it both a Push and Machine killer. Wow. And you can add a midi keyboard and pads, too! @#$#@!
  6. mykejb

    mykejb NI Product Owner

    Slight off-topic, but the new Denon 4 Prime controller looks pretty good too - 4 deck standalone unit. Couple that with the Force and you have a no-laptop solution with lots of possibilities!
  7. lwj|localspace

    lwj|localspace NI Product Owner

    Okay let's take this sucker down:
    -Why would I want to eliminate my laptop.. only to replace it with what's essentially also a computer running software.. but a more limited, less powerful one? Why not keep using a computer that just runs everything? Or go full analog if you really hate computers?
    -No mention of this running VST's.. that alone is a dealbreaker for me.
    -hardcoded synths? WTF does that even mean? As opposed to what.. soft-coded synths like Reaktor? Pfff..
    -that's the cool thing with Push or Maschine and a laptop.. it runs all my vst's.. so instead of TubeHYPE or whatever.. I can run my Prophet, my M1, crazy Reaktor ensembles, my favorite NI synths like Absynth, Razor, FM8, etc. Softcoded FTW!
    -and I'm supposed to edit this with built-in (HARDCOREDED!) effects... hmm, no thanks. I'll stick with my regular old Fabfilter and Softube, thank you. It's just better somehow... lol.
    -The abililty to run VST's like that make Maschine and Push credible devices for me where I can take a track from sketch to more or less finished without ever having to bounce or transfer things to a DAW.. of course with Push you're already in a full DAW. Those built in synths and effect better be damn awesome if they want to get even close to that kind of sound, flavor and convenience.

    So.. that's why the concept in itself sucks.

    -3,8 kg? That's hefty.. about as much as my laptop and a Push controller. The Maschine is lighter. Mikro Maschine lighter still.
    -'Yes, but L.. you can use this on the road man!!! Make beats at the busstop, man!! It's the business.' But you still need a power socket, right? I don't. Laptop on battery, Maschine running off the laptop. Battery life sucks, but at least I have a battery life! Also.. when I'm on the road, I tend to have the laptop with me anyway.. 'makin beats without a laptop' sounds cool on the surface, but in my life it just never happens that I want to make to beats at a place where I don't bring the laptop anyway.. or where I could've just as well brought it.
    -it's ugly and cramped looking as opposed to Push which is very clean and organized.. very German. As is Maschine.
    -transport buttons at the top.. not very ergonomical. I use these a lot. With Maschine it's a flick of the thumb, here it's a reach.
    -those navigation buttons, they're too small. Up and Down crammed in between left and right.. with 'matrix' 'clip' and 'mixer' right above it.. you're not gonna hit those by accident at all.
    -'shift' is also up there... WTF?! Another one you use all the time.
    -the pads look cramped as well.. they're not high enough. I don't like this on the Push either, these are even smaller.
    -the spacing is off too.. more space on the left and right than on bottom and top. I don't like that.
    -huge bezel on that touch screen too.
    -Ableton integration... yada yada yada. I don't buy promises.

    Execution of the sucky concept doesn't look too good either. One thing it has going is the generous I/O and CV/gates.. that is really cool if you're into outboard gear. But then if you are, you're still gonna have a very DAW/computer centric workflow because it's the convenient way to work. If you like your vintage synths and drumcomputers, then you know they don't sound great on their own and it's all about the processing. The lack of vst support is gonna hurt. So maybe with the Ableton integration it would be cool.. but then it's still a weird proposition because you're using it alongside a computer anyway... and not using the 'force' computer you also paid for.

    If you want to be mobile, get a laptop and Maschine Mikro.
    If you want a touchscreen, get a laptop with one. Or get a beefy tablet, which is probably more powerful than this anyway.
    If you don't want to use a computer, what's this if not a computer? Processor, storage, ram, usb-ports, sata port, buttons...
    If you want analog, this is not analog.. it'll sound like software. For better and worse.
    If you want an MPC, get an MPC.
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  8. Slappz

    Slappz NI Product Owner

    lwj|localspace Don't hate the player, hate the game! I love Air Music Tech products, and was recently telling them they needed to be in a piece of hardware. The thing is a beast of a machine, what else would you expect from something that's not figuratively massive but literally?
    Some of you may have found the Hulk sexy with those bulging muscles, but some find the Force sexy with it's bulging buttons and pads. I'm sure some people like the fact that you can really get freaky with it because it has so many ways you can work it. To each his own, but what I'm seeing is that it looks pretty darn functional. I'm good with that!
  9. Mick @ NI

    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

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