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Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Kai @ NI, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Kai @ NI

    Kai @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hello everyone,

    In the past weeks we have been investigating the impact of Apple’s announcement of macOS Big Sur on our products and now have a plan moving forward that will provide compatibility as soon as possible. These investigations have delayed this post slightly, so I am very pleased to share some updates with you today on the next updates to MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL as well as an outlook beyond those updates.

    Coming in MASCHINE 2.11 and KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.4

    In the coming weeks, before the end of August, we are releasing updates for both applications introducing “background scanning” as a new feature. This update will enable MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL to scan content products in the background while you are using the applications. This includes Samples, Presets, Groups, Expansions, Kontakt Libraries and Reaktor Instruments.

    Note: For Plug-In products (i.e. AUs and VSTs) a restart of the application is still required.

    These updates will also include numerous bug fixes for both applications, including (but not limited to):
    • Using MASCHINE as a plug-in with missing content creating a grey rectangle when loading a project in a host application
    • Files with "#" in the name not being able to be dragged and dropped
    • Resolving several issues with Komplete Kontrol and Logic Pro X and adding a fix to pedal / MIDI settings

    Coming to MASCHINE later this year

    In the last months, the team has been working hard to deliver some new features that will enhance the Arrangement capabilities of MASCHINE and that we are planning to release later this year.

    The key workflows that we will be introducing with our update later this year are:
    • Record MIDI notes directly onto the timeline
    • Freely position Audio Module content (e.g. Acapellas) on the timeline
    • Add transitions across Scenes or create unique breaks and alterations in Patterns throughout your arrangement
    • Full timeline content for a group visible in the Clip Editor

    Our goal is to make arranging in MASCHINE more flexible and to offer ways to more easily add musical transitions and alterations. While the existing Pattern and Scene workflows are great to quickly create musical elements, the current Song View only offers limited functionality to bring your creation to life.
    As a solution we will be introducing Clips.

    Clips are unique entities that can be created in the Song View. Unlike Patterns, they can overlap Scenes and can be freely positioned on the timeline. Also, for the first time in MASCHINE, you will be able to record MIDI notes directly onto the timeline, without using Patterns or Scenes at all - if you want to. In this regard, Clips will work similarly to the workflow you know from any classic DAW where you commonly add content directly to the timeline.

    You can also use Clips on top of Patterns, giving you a powerful tool to augment and enhance your production.

    A few weeks ago we shared our first functioning prototype to our Centercode community and we have received lots of valuable feedback and suggestions so far. We are currently working on the transformation path of turning Patterns and Scenes into Clips. This can be viewed as an update to the previously existing “make unique” workflow for Patterns and will allow you to make edits and additions to a Pattern in a single place without changing each instance of it throughout the arrangement.

    Attached to this post you will find some concept art with comments as well as a screen recording of some features we are currently working towards.

    We also agreed with our Beta testing community to lift the NDA for this feature in order to allow them to comment on their experiences and help to reply to your questions on this topic.

    Please keep in mind that this is still work in progress and in the final release things may look slightly different. Also please don’t panic if you are missing certain aspects - since we still have quite some work to do, not all features are currently visible in the screenshots while others are sketched out but not yet implemented.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



    Image 1: MIDI workflows with Cips

    Clip MIDI Workflows.png

    Image 2: Audio-Module Workflows with Clips

    Clip Audio-Module Workflows.png
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  2. marcora

    marcora NI Product Owner

    Quick question, why distinguish Clips and Patterns instead of having just patterns that can be arranged into scenes or freely on the timeline (like FL Studio does for example)? I really like the pattern-based environment, in particular the fact that changes in the pattern affect all scenes in which the pattern is used. To add clips that behave like in Ableton (each being independent of the others even when intended to be perfect duplicates) seems counterintuitive and adding unnecessary cognitive burden to a nice and clear pattern-based environment. Certainly you want to be able to have a “make unique” workflow for patterns to create a new pattern that derives from but it's not identical to the original one, and that feature is already available in Maschine. We also already have a pattern pool for each group and it would make more sense to just pick from there and be able to lay patterns freely on the timeline like FL Studio does. Changes made to a pattern would be reflected everywhere the pattern is used (scenes or freely on the timeline). In a way scenes would just be a convenient way to group patterns in blocks/arrangement sections and it would be great to see them in the timeline exploded as collections of patterns and being able to change them in the timeline as well (for example removing/adding/swapping patterns within a scene). You would have a upper half of the timeline dedicated to scenes exposing the patterns they contain (and where you can drag/duplicate scenes around as in Studio One or Logic Pro X for quick rearrangement) and a lower half where the user can freely place patterns for fx, across scenes automation, etc.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2020
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  3. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    I would imagine that having to have backwards compatabily plus restrictions from the existing code base could be the problem with going that route
    Although it's possibly confusing I think that having the two different modes of operating might actually complement each other.

    Thanks for the update Kai.
  4. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    marcora A few of us said basically the same. There's 'technical reasons' to why this approach was chosen, maybe Kai can elaborate on this topic since I see it being a common question.
    Note that this doesn't really kill off the Pattern workflow, it just adds another layer to it.
    That FL approach is nice altho I am not sure how it could work on a software that aims to have everything available from it's bigger controllers.
  5. KingKrog

    KingKrog NI Product Owner

    This is very cool - really looking forward to trying it out. I guess clips and patterns being different makes sense given that regular patterns are a component part of scenes. In the existing song architecture, it doesn't really make sense to to move any pattern arbitrarily in the timeline because what would that mean for the scene that it belongs to? What you'd want is a "free pattern" that is detached from any parent scene... which I'm assuming is pretty close to what a clip is?
    re: "recording MIDI notes directly onto the timeline" - does this "just" create a new clip (that potentially overlaps everything) or is it something separate?
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2020
  6. Tony Jones

    Tony Jones NI Product Owner

    First reaction to clips is as per the others though the compatibility point is well made. Transitions is definitely a strong possibility for one of my main gripes. I don't understand how I'd use the midi note thing, but I'm a bit slow. It all looks thought out and in broadly the right direction. Good stuff!
  7. marcora

    marcora NI Product Owner

    Could we at least add the ability of "linking" clips then? Or actually having clips being linked by default and unlinkable if needed (to be more Maschine-like)?
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  8. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    This is hugely promising. And whilst I largely echo what other users have said, I have to say this has exceeded all expectations I had in terms of how surprisingly elegant the concept art is and how much better this could make my workflow if executed correctly.

    Hope you're well, Kai. :- )
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  9. Baldadi

    Baldadi New Member


    Other wishes (like saving presets INCLUDING effects chain within KK, and layering sounds) that are already 2 years on the backlog... Any updates on that?
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  10. Schmapps1

    Schmapps1 New Member

    This looks extremely promising. Nice work!! Here’s hoping it’s executed in a way thats intuitive and fast to use, maybe someone from the beta can comment on that?

    also - any plans for letting us record/automate mutes and solos? Please please please?
  11. Hebreww

    Hebreww NI Product Owner

    Hi kai,
    Looks great!
    Is there any news On a future iMaschine iOS update?
  12. basehead617

    basehead617 NI Product Owner

    I was expecting this to come in .11 but it's definitely working well and look forward to the official release of these features.
  13. Maślak

    Maślak New Member

    There is a chance to add a "ghost note" (like in FL)?
  14. Tony Jones

    Tony Jones NI Product Owner

    Will this be the same version or will it be Maschine 3?
  15. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    Midi note recording is great but once again it is disappointing that aftertouch support is left off the list, meaning that even if I can record midi notes I can't record one of the main forms of expression available to synth keyboard players (and that is, ironically, supported by NI Keyboards and built into their flagship synth Massive X).

    The KK fixes are also good but again several issues that have been ignored are still being ignored - we have extremely limited fx support at the moment, to make it actually usable KK needs to have:

    an FX version
    Recordable automation for FX in hosts
    Saving of FX chains
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  16. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

    As D-One said, this has been raised and asked and queried and discussed. I'm still not entirely clear why not and also believe it would be the much better "MASCHINE way" to go. One big danger of MASCHINE getting "classic DAW" features/workflows is that it's not a classic DAW and would likely lose that battle badly, especially as its main strength is its hardware integration, which could be lacking somewhat with this implementation of Clips that is heavily mouse-based. Instead, Patterns with the powers of Clips that can still be anchored to Scenes/Sections on the timeline (via an offset parameter i.e., +/- x beats/bars/ticks relative to the Scene/Section start) with options for such ripple editing behaviours.

    Now that the Clips plan has been made public, though, it seems unlikely that's not the way it's going to go... Hopefully our feedback and testing can help it be as good as it can.

    This is a good point and important to stress that, technically, anyone happy with the current Pattern/Scene/Section workflow should not be inconvenienced or made to change their workflow because of this, as Clips are additional/alternative feature, not a substitution for using Patterns/Scenes in Sections on the timeline (which might still be many users' initial workflow before adding Clips). However, it will mean that users wanting direct improvements and enhancements to their existing MASCHINE workflows get nothing and have to see various things they wished for implemented in an entirely different "layer" of workflow. Not unlike getting an Audio module instead of the Sampler getting attention and the realtime timestretch it needs.

    See above for one possibility.
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  17. basehead617

    basehead617 NI Product Owner

    i’m concerned about the lack of tight hardware integration with the new features
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  18. sebastiancookie

    sebastiancookie New Member

    I hope the Komplete Kontrol mk2 integrates better with Maschine. for example while in Key mode you can play Maschine but the keys don't select the "Pad in focus", hence you have to go the software and click to select it for parameter changes. Also in the KK there are buttons that can't be programmed in Midi mode, such as preset, arrows, sector wheel/joystick. they would be useful to have available to program some 3rd party VSTs
  19. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    What in particular is worrying you?
  20. macchinista

    macchinista NI Product Owner

    Indeed, the key is to keep expectations in check. Clips are a great addition as long as they are used as intended. In Kai's words the goal of clips is "to offer ways to more easily add musical transitions and alterations". Go beyond that, and you do it at your own risk.
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