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Maschine Arranger Changes, Studio Set-ups Current

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by skinswashdc, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. skinswashdc

    skinswashdc Well-Known Member

    So what's everyone's studio set-up? Made any changes recently (change DAW's etc)? If so, why? What kind of impact do you think an updated Maschine arranger will have for you or the music tech market in general?
  2. lwj|localspace

    lwj|localspace NI Product Owner

    Yeah my recent change was ditching the Maschine in favor of Ableton + Push.
    I'll let the music speak for itself..

    Last Maschine track:

    Early Push track with the new setup:

    Current track I'm working on, about 1,5 day of work so far:

    I'll need more than an updated arranger to consider going back to Maschine. Even using it with Ableton on top seems like more of headache than it has to be. A lot of the sounds, effects, routings and workflow I use now can't even be done in Maschine for various reasons. So they'd have to add all those features, add performance recording, better automation as well as a kind of song mode... and they'd be starting to play catch up.
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  3. Richard Parker

    Richard Parker NI Product Owner

    Wow! Nice stuff! I notice that in your lwj-poolside track the stereo imaging is WAY better than in your elevator-pitch track. How do you get this wide, enveloping sound? I'm really impressed! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    ALDREAD NI Product Owner

    I brought a Roland 101 , sold my thunderbolt interface , looking to sell my jam and komplete ultimate 12ce to get a 707 , I’ll still be using maschine but I’m gonna start using logic more
  5. lwj|localspace

    lwj|localspace NI Product Owner

    Thanks.. it's probably not one thing, but a combination of having more horsepower, working at a higher sample rate, being able to use more advanced effects that just sound better, less having to fight the machine. For example, having proper sends and returns means you can run whole parallel effect chains much more easily. So I can do a lot more with reverb and delay, much more easily... because it's easier to automate (also to store as effect and instrument racks for later on). It's much more easy to record or bounce bits out and process them further. Everything is just easier to do..

    That way a lot of the small shortcomings in Maschine really add up.
    I still use a lot of NI's other stuff. But I don't miss Maschine.. I'm probably gonna rig it up as a controller for Battery, because the pads are still better than on Push, way more responsive.
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  6. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    Re sends and reverbs, I wish there was delay compensation for outboard gear in Maschine. Reaper does it well, but when you're using Maschine as a VST within it, it doesn't compensate to my knowledge, unless there's a fancy way of scripting this in regards to playback?

    I think Maschine would have a tough time competing with Ableton Live if Ableton Live could be run as a VST within another DAW similar to the likes of Reason, FL Studio, ReNoise etc. Seems inevitable if current rends are anything to go by.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
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  7. kcearl

    kcearl NI Product Owner

    I've stopped using my maschine and Jam hardware.

    Ive found using the beastep pro and an xtouch and expander a brilliant way to control the software. I only ever use it for beats though but having 16 motorized faders and a TR style sequencer has given life to software Id probably not use so much anymore. For me it was the libraries that were always maschines strong point.
  8. macchinista

    macchinista NI Product Owner

    I was on the road over the past few months. I usually take the MK3 along, but this time I decided to leave it at home. What happened surprised me. Not only I did not miss it that much, but I found making music with just a DAW, a cheap MIDI controller and an iPad more enjoyable than trying to force Maschine into the setup. I can't stand all the routings involved when I try to use it as a VST, and I can't work with it standalone as I find the arranger utterly claustrophobic.

    Dunno.... I am keeping the hardware for now.... I still enjoy using it for live things.... Maybe someday we'll see more significant improvements to the software, but I am not holding my breath.
  9. sam_saw

    sam_saw NI Product Owner

    Ditched Maschine for Live, Push, Max and Eurorack, much happier and productive and less surgical processing with analogue VCO's.
    I did have fun with Maschine studio but the sequencer just sucks to be honest, i still use the shaker drum synth tho it's dead good.
  10. dreddiknight

    dreddiknight NI Product Owner

    Wow, what a surprisingly depressing thread...

    Very interesting setups and stories though:thumbsup:
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  11. Hit-Man

    Hit-Man NI Product Owner

    LOL... this thread has turned into everyone explaining how and why they ditched Maschine. LOL
  12. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    I did the opposite, sold my Push2 even though I really like Ableton, an explanation would be too long and boring.

    An updated arranger for Maschine would have a little bit of impact for me personally because I prefer standalone mode to plugin mode, depending on how it turns out to be, of course, assuming the best I would spend a bit more time arranging in Maschine before moving to DAW.
    It for sure won't keep me from constantly thinking about ditching Maschine tho, the arranger is not a priority for me, the only reason I haven't moved on is that i like it for Live performance and the browser experience is second to none in combination with Komplete... It's also fun as a sketch pad but I leave it alone if I really need to get work done and delivered on time.

    Other than putting some pressure on the AKAI sequencer development I believe it will have zero impact in the music tech industry.

    Yep, pretty depressing thread but the active forum users tend to be a particular crowd that is not very happy with the state of things (me included) for a long time and also not very friendly (me not included) when someone says "I love it just like it is" which makes them go away pretty fast when they get 100 counterarguments to why ´Maschine sucks´.
  13. skinswashdc

    skinswashdc Well-Known Member

    I pretty much use the same set up.
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