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Maschine as VST in Ableton Live (getting the best of both worlds) full tutorial!

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by themixtape, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. MarkLaursen

    MarkLaursen New Member

    Hei everybody.. I really love the idear in the video, and was all exited when i saw it. But... the midi track with the vst is fine (all midi channels). but when i try to do the second midi track with input from "1 maschine" and then go to the second drop down it dont show "1 maschine" like in the video - it only says "pre efx" and "post efx"... HEEELP ME:)!

    What am i doing wrong. is it something in maschine ore?:eek:
  2. ClaudioFerrari

    ClaudioFerrari New Member

    Thanks for the Template it's really useful.

    Ok i set up everything like you said. But and now? What do I do with those MIDI notes recorded? When I press PLAY they doesn't play any sound. Can somebody help me?
  3. bilposey

    bilposey NI Product Owner

    Thats cool as it has it advantage
  4. thom.nagy

    thom.nagy New Member

    great setup, thanks for sharing.
  5. lamename

    lamename New Member

    Sad to say it seems this is not working with 1.6 I have tried at least 10 different times. The weird thing is that the instrument channels b,c,d work great (all ins) Once I get to E ( Maschine-9)all sound is lost. Ableton does however see and record the midi notes. There is just no playback, nothing on the meter. I can hear the sound when triggered through maschine. The midi routing is definitely the same as the template that was in the OP. I have the same issues as some other members, one midi key working on the keyboard. The rest are dead.

    I have read this thread at least 20 times to figure a solution. All I can do is try, try again. I will report back if I can find any solutions. If anybody has had these issues and found a fix. You would be the greatest if you would post your solution.

    Big, big thanks to the gentleman who put their time and knowledge into this project. The possibilities seem endless!
    Sounds like you are missing the ext instrument. Read op again.

    If that's not the case. Maybe you are using AU instead of the VST.
  6. thegoodsir

    thegoodsir New Member

    Hey, try two things:

    1. If you're using NI instruments make sure they are set to 'Omni' channel in the instrument itself
    2. In maschine when you go to sound midi batch settings, make sure the low note and high note are not the same (which only gives you sound on one note)

    Let me know if these help!
  7. Ojuzu

    Ojuzu NI Product Owner

    I was having the same issue with this configuration and the low and high note being set to the same value was my problem. For whatever reason, it defaults to the same note value upon enabling the group so I'd definitely recommend trying this option.
  8. oOjtgOo

    oOjtgOo Forum Member

    I'm getting a weird machine gun effect if I hit my pads too fast. Like a snare diddle.
    Not every hit but 4/10. CPU load is fine and it isn't happening on my synth groups.
    Any input?
  9. sheet

    sheet New Member

    So i got it ALL setup now. With the channels and everything.

    ...But how do i work with it now?:eek:
    I really dont know. Do i have to drag and drop? Where to? What can i do? Where to save? Tricks for a better workflow? I really dont understand the world anymore. I am not stupid or anything but i really dont know how to work PROPERLY with maschine inside ableton. Can you please help me.

    I know how ableton works on its own and i know how maschine works on its own. I just dont know how to work with them both together with maschine as VST and ableton.
  10. skizm

    skizm Forum Member

    There is no one "proper" way to use both together. Maschine is flexible enough to cater to very different workflow preferences. Based on your questions, I would suggest re-reading the the original post of this thread to understand the purpose of this particular approach before just blindly trying to follow the steps, and to try to figure out what it is that you want to do and how you want it to work.

    Many people drag and drop audio/MIDI from Maschine into Live, either as a plugin or from standalone mode. Some people trigger Maschine's scenes from Live using MIDI notes or program changes. Some people export their entire Maschine arrangement as separate audio tracks for each sound or group and drag those into Live or other DAWs to mix down and finalize. Some people route Maschine and Live together to record MIDI from Maschine's separate groups directly into Live. Some people route the two together to record multitrack audio from Maschine directly into Live. Some people just leave Maschine as a plugin in Live without routing and play and record both simultaneously and also use Maschine as a Live controller like in this example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WcbjOm1uhY&t=02m55s

    It can be beneficial to be aware of all these options as some of them might be better suited to what you're trying to accomplish.
  11. thegoodsir

    thegoodsir New Member

    Hi Guys, if you scroll back in this thread or look on the Ableton forums you'll see I wasted hours trying to get this to work exactly how I wanted it. Then I discovered that this guy Andrew has done it all for you (and much more). He charges 20 Australian dollars but, especially if you have Push as well as Maschine (and even if you don't) I would thoroughly recommend his download. It allows you to use Maschine and Ableton (and Push) in all sorts of ways, making use of the best bits of each, in my opinion. And it is really simple and lets you avoid all the hassle and get back to music making. Anyway, check it out for yourselves, it's at http://audiomodder.myshopify.com/products/push-vst-bridge
    Anyway, I am not this guy's marketing manager, but I will say that I am very glad I discovered this, it's well worth the money and his after sales service is pretty good too. Good luck!
  12. socanadian

    socanadian New Member

    Hi there, I am an old MPC guy who is brand new to Ableton and Maschine. Confused about a few things. First off. I do not see what the ext instrument tracks are here for? When I record the midi data it records directly onto the triggered midi track. I have deleted all the external instrument tracks out of ableton and it appears to be working the same. Could you provide me with a final screen shot of your abelton template?
  13. Marshall Destro

    Marshall Destro New Member

    Hi everyone, i know this post is 4 years old, but i think it may still have the answers i am looking for.

    Only prob is that the screen shots from the first post (the tutorial) are now broken links :( can someone take fresh screenshots and post them up? i am soooooo close to getting this right and have been wracking my brain for a long time to get this all working together. SOMEONE PLEASE RESCUE ME!!!!!

    plz plz, thanks
    0ne love
  14. tonecre8

    tonecre8 NI Product Owner

    The mods really should lock old threads. I mean this one was started 4 years ago. You really should start a new thread with your specific problem.