Maschine expansion Devalued

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Alexmci, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Alexmci

    Alexmci NI Product Owner

    Am I the only one a bit annoyed that all my expensive Maschine expansions are pretty much worthless now that Native Instruments have bundled them with Komplete.

    I used to not mind buying expansions for Maschine as they usually always held around 50% of their value for re sale. But now a quick look on KVR shows people struggling to get
    £140 for 38 expansions, your now lucky if they are worth £10 each now.

    Think it's game over for me ever purchasing any more now as they will end up depreciating in value too much for myself.
  2. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

    You forget the time factor you used them a while. And that even software gets cheeper is normal. But I know what you mean.

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  3. Florian Strickrodt

    Florian Strickrodt New Member

    Expansions are content and now that you have access to millions of samples and loops and tings (haha) even for free or based on monthly plans they are devalued. Same with movies on DVD and Bluray (netflix, amazon), PC-games or music.
    Since I upgraded to Komplete 12 CE I try to sell the Expansions I bought before and it's hard to see them go for 11 EURO.
    I think Expansions are worth the money as long as they have something new and special. But they are getting old as fast as the newspaper from yesterday.
    And in addition we nowadays have a for-free and all-you-can-eat state of mind.
    Sad, but that's the way it is.
  4. v00d00ppl

    v00d00ppl NI Product Owner

    Not totally devalued. It’s like buying records to sample. Sometimes you spend an arm and a leg on a loop or break then to find out it was reissued. At least with expansions you won’t get sued by the labels for sample clearance (right?).
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  5. BigPictureSound

    BigPictureSound NI Product Owner

    The seasonal sales also compound the issue of devaluing their products. They really need to create a store that rewards users who buy items full price. For instance, I paid full price for K12UCE only to see it go on sale 4.5 months later for not 10, 20, or 30%- but 50%! Made me feel like a real sucker, and that is not a feeling you want your brand to invoke on a customer.

    I get things go on sale, but if the savings involved are going to be that substantial, at least throw us a bone with something exclusive so we aren't jaded to buy outside of sale season. Or don't, and continue training us to wait for sales..
  6. Drifter

    Drifter NI Product Owner

    If anyone has hexagon highway , I may be interested in buying

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  7. laszlozoltan

    laszlozoltan NI Product Owner

    it is what it is- take it or leave it.
    NI is a business, not a community.
    Sorry if it sounds harsh, but that is the reality
  8. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    Think not that your expansions have lost value, rather wonder at just how increased in value your version of Komplete now is .. :D
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  9. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Generally, the more something is available on the used market the less value it will have, rarity increases the value that's just how it goes and there's no way around it. Buying expansions considering it's future resale value is kind of odd to me tbh, I'd be happy if CE had all expansions even if it devalued the used market.
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  10. Old Mike

    Old Mike NI Product Owner

    Always so optimistic and a different point of view. Are you a politician?

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  11. dreddiknight

    dreddiknight NI Product Owner

    Buy it if you want it.
    Use it on your tunes.
    Buy KUCE and accept the knowledge that you'll have doubles but will have had all that time using it.
    But dont buy expecting to sell it on later for a good price...
    That doesn't make any sense.
    Accept your losses and be glad you can afford KUCE!
    It's a good deal...
  12. Masch1ne

    Masch1ne NI Product Owner

    Its a bit annoying tbh. I wanted to sell mine. Doubt I'll get much.

    I wont buy one again either, they'll end up in Komplete 13 I'll wait until then.
  13. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    Whereas I'd only bought one which was the Black Ark one. Being ever so slightly a fan of Lee Perry I was optimistic but to me it just seemed an almost useless collection of cliches so much so that when I got K12CE I nearly never loaded any expansions on at all. I relapsed and did and have actually found some useful stuff. Still wouldn't buy any more though :D