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  1. TheMaxie

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    I am in a synthpop band and we're trying to figure out exactly how we wanna do our live setup.

    I've been interested in the idea of every song getting its own project, ready to go with its own bpm and live elements queued up, selected from hardware -- rather than automating a setlist in one big project. Maschine seems fit for this. I only have a few questions.
    1. Can projects be switched from hardware?
    2. How is the performance when switching projects? -- kinda vague, admittedly. Switching projects in most DAWs tends to be a slow process and there's always a little bit of lag at first. Can't risk that live.
    Any answers or comments would be appreciated.
  2. Blindeddie

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    You can load projects directly from the from the controller ( I use a Mikro MK3 so I cant speak for the bigger units, but I can't imagine you couldn't)… As far as load times, that would be dependent on what kind of instruments are included in the project...for example if you have a lot of Kontakt instruments that have large sample banks, then it might take more time to load...if you are using a few samples and maybe a vst synth or two, it would take less time to load. so basically its not the "Project" that takes time, but the Elements/Instruments inside the project that do...

    Hope that helps!

  3. D-One

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    Kinda, and kind of not... With a Mikro you cant switch between Projects and the other browser sections from the HW, that could be an issue, also when changing to the next project Maschine asks if you want to save the changes, with the Mikro you have to use the keyboard to discard changes.

    Yes, with an MK3 or Studio, the other models require some form of computer interaction (mouse/keyboard) like I mentioned above, some more than others tho.

    Roughly the same as a DAW but since Maschine is simpler it can be a bit faster but it really depends on what you going to use, so.. There's no right answer to this question.

    From my experience, the time it takes for people to clap at the end of a song is enough to load a new project comfortably unless you have a complicated big project, a bit of silence in-between songs is quite normal tho, guitar players often have to reconfigure pedals, switch guitars, check tunning; analog synth guys have to tweak the knobs for the next preset manually, etc...
  4. Uwe303

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    for live performance a live host with special features could be an better option
    like but there are many others, and you can use native plugins inside