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Solved Maschine Jam : Snapshoot feature bugged (in v 2.8.3)

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Eridon, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. kaotik78

    kaotik78 NI Product Owner

    Others have had their fair share of issues as well over the many years and releases of Machine, I’m glad it’s the only one time that something like has happened while you were using your Jam and not more. I’m sure they will get it sorted soon enough.
  2. S7NLEE

    S7NLEE New Member

    Greetings René . . .

    I hope this finds you well. Thanx for this previous version. I sure needed it. Since I've updated I've been experiencing Maschine change the key of in my tracks. A headache to say the least. But I was curious to know what you meant by "Don't forget to enter your signature". What are you referring to?
  3. René must be Unique

    René must be Unique NI Product Owner

    If you are logged in with your account, you can enter your details at signature.
    Such as your computer, processor, NI hardware, OS and more.
    This makes it easier for people who want to help you solve your problem.
    The one that you see under my message is the signature.

  4. Jhonbpm

    Jhonbpm New Member

    hy , i have the same Problems but on a Mac Os .. :(
  5. Eridon

    Eridon New Member

    It seems to be a general bug with a lot of Maschine Jam ...

    Damn you Native Instruments !! Do something !! It’s really really bad

    Your main selling point of your controllers is the complete and deep integration with your software ... and it’s not working anymore !!

    Could you imagine this with Ableton Push ?? ABSOLUTLY NOT !!

    FFS wake up !!
  6. Slappz

    Slappz NI Product Owner

    I'm on Win 10 and I'm not having the problem with Jam. I haven't' really used this feature, how can I try to recreate the problem?
  7. Crystaal

    Crystaal New Member

    I'm on win 7 and I have the bug.
    Slappz you just have to press "shift + Lock " on the Jam, and if the controller freezes then you have it.
    Waiting for a fix....
  8. Slappz

    Slappz NI Product Owner

    I had to delete the last post. I didn't know it was the hardware, and thought it was the Jam UI that was freezing. I didn't try to exit it.
  9. Eridon

    Eridon New Member

    Still any news from NI about this bug ? no hotfix yet ?
  10. Moffit

    Moffit NI Product Owner

    still the same :(
  11. Nikal Might

    Nikal Might NI Product Owner

    I'm on W10 and I have the bug, and it's reproducible on the Jam. Standard lock mode seems to work, but when you try and use Shift+Lock, it won't go into the snapshots mode and everything freezes up.
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  12. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Sorry guys I missed this thread, added 2.8.3 to the title and tagged as a bug.
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  13. Kai @ NI

    Kai @ NI NI Team NI Team

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