Maschine "locked"

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by faster, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. faster

    faster NI Product Owner

    Strange thing happened already 2 times, in 1 week

    Switching from normal set to midi control, (shift+control) the hardware completely locked/froze.

    I closed the software, but maschine stayed frozen. I unpluged USB from maschine, it turned off, but would not turn on. Maschine stayed dark, no LCD lit
    Had to reboot PC to get the normal default page
    Any idea what caused this?
  2. TheStreisandEffect

    TheStreisandEffect Forum Member

    Maschine Frozen / Freezes / Freezing

    It's a known problem so be sure to submit a ticket. I have the same issue when using it as midi controller to control ableton live. Maschine will just lock up and stop working and somtimes even unplugging it will just make it load up the dark circle/square logo with no LCD lit up and even if I manage to get it to "reboot" and reset it as a midi controller, most of the times it will only retain like half of the functionality but the main pads and blue directional (group) pads will stay frozen.

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