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Maschine MK2 as MCU in Sonar ?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Will Zégal, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Will Zégal

    Will Zégal NI Product Owner


    I'm trying to use Maschine MK2 Controller as a MCU in Sonar and I can't.

    In my studio, I have a MCU and it works fine with Sonar. I'd like to have such a control using Maschine controller when I'm at home.

    But in MIDI devices, I only have "Maschine MK2 IN" and "Maschine MK2 OUT". When I use them as input/output of a MCU Control Surface, I don't get anything and in the Control Surfaces element, the MCU remains in "connecting" mode.

    I wonder if "Maschine MK2 IN" and "Maschine MK2 OUT" don't refer to controller's in/out MIDI plugs. In that case, I can't expect my configuration to work.

    What looks stange is for other control surfaces with in/out, Sonar MIDI peripheral show both the device itself and it's inputs and outputs. For Maschine, I only have "in" and "out". I think I should also have straight "Maschine MK2".

    Thanks for your help.
  2. p1afff

    p1afff NI Product Owner

    See on FB.
  3. Will Zégal

    Will Zégal NI Product Owner

    Thanks, I've seen, but it doesn't help. o_O