Maschine mk3 integration with Komplete Kontrol software

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by FFrostengren, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. FFrostengren

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    I've just bought a Mashine mk3 and when I got it I was kind of devastated that it's not integrating with Komplete Kontrol software and can't be used to control Cubase like I can to with the products in the Kontrol-series. My bandmates has got Kontrol-keyboards and I would love to have one as well but I don't not have room for any more keyboards in my studio, so I got myself a Maschine MK3 and thought that would do it.

    I can't for all my life understand what this feature isn't already in place. I would love to have the Maschine as kind of a center piece in my studio to use at a transport controller and control surface for all the wonderful plugins that I own that has got NKS-support.

    Is there any plans to get Maschine to work in Komplete Kontrol-software or should I simply sell the Maschine I've just got?
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  2. D-One

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    KK Products are designed for DAW's primarily. Maschine HW is designed for Maschine Software first an then was adapted to also be a Plugin, the HW reflects that.

    KK is basically baked inside of Maschine, it's NKS system, Browser, Tags, Smart-Play, etc are all there but it does require using the Maschine plugin as opposed to KK-plugin, if you ave no interest in the Sequencer aspect of Maschine you will probably not want to use it.

    The transport section can work fine while the Mk3 is focused on Maschine Plugin or in MIDI Mode with the MCU template, you just need to configure it but by your post, this is not your biggest issue.

    If you're expecting the MK3 to be a dedicated Controller for KK-Plugin you might as well sell it now, that's not happening anytime soon, if ever, half the buttons wouldn't do anything but people do request this a lot, want me to move this post to the Feature Request section?
  3. FFrostengren

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    Thanks for you reply!

    I completely (or should I say kompletely) understand that Maschine isn't ment to do this, but since all the UI and functionality is there already it's a limitation that should be a no-brainer to solve and it would att value to Maschine in a really good way.

    Please feel free to move this to the Feature Request section. :)
  4. Shane Thompson

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    Allow me to add to this:

    It would be a dream if Maschine could some how communicate with the Komplete Kontrol Software. An example of how I see this working for instance; let's say I have an instance of Maschine open in my DAW (Studio One) and I then open an instance of Komplete Kontrol. By simply pressing Shift + Instance on the Mk3 controller, I'd see the KK instance in the list along with the already open instance of Maschine. I can then load that instance and begin browsing for sounds. As far as controlling KK, I imagine less of the Maschine controller's buttons would be active while limiting the pads to Keyboard input (like in midi mode).

    Could something like this work?
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  5. GiMiKofficial

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    Honestly, it's ridiculous this isn't a feature. It's really making me consider whether or not giving NI my money is a good idea. It would be sooooooooo easy for this to be implemented. It is just a blatent way to try to force peoples hand to give NI more money for a keyboard, when they already have an expensive MIDI controller with enough buttons and knobs to facilitate the function easily. What makes it more annoying is that NI must know that the majority of people will have a MIDI keyboard, that perhaps they like more than the A or S series. I have bought a Maschine MK 2, and now MK 3, Komplete 8 educational which is not a valid upgrade path to Komplete 13, so I have to rebuy multiple plugins. Ive also bought other individual bit of software over the years, including reaktor, razor etc. Im now going to be buying Collectors Edition for £700, and you're telling me I HAVE to buy the keyboard in order to make full use of it's potential, when I already have an NI hardware controller that is technically capable of controlling KK easily should the devs decide they want to allow it? That's a bit of a joke.

    As I say, if there is a logical reason this isn't a standard feature, short of a money grab, I'm all ears.
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  6. Dj Ravix

    Dj Ravix NI Product Owner

    I actually Disagree with you ... To my knowledge Maschine was Created as a MPC style Drum plugin with A dedicated controller But it also came with a stand alone version of the Plugin sou you could work on it and create kits ect before using it in your DAW
    Eventually the Stand alone version became a much bigger thing and more of a DAW itself

    I know That KK is build into Maschine but it actually surprised me that when using KK the Maschine HW is not able to communicate with it
    I have a S61 MK2 here and actually wanted to check and mark sounds and stuff that I like
    Since I had a little indecent doing this on the KK S61 MK2 that I used to have before the one I have now
    So I wanted to do this on my Maschine MK3 to prevent another KK S61 MK2 from breaking
    I would have expected this to simply work however it doesn't in KK

    I already know that this does work when doing this in Maschine and it actually will show up in KK

    however it might be more convenient to some that don't know how to do this in Maschine (I actually had to look this up myself)

    You also mention that a lot of people seem to request this ... than why is it not listed in the "most requested features" ???
    I am pretty sure there are a lot op People Requesting this for valid reasons
    since there is no S25 MK2 (or S37 MK2) one might pair it with A A25 or M32 for a more compact or Space restrained setup while still being able to have a more visual aid of whats going on without having to dive into the computer screen this is also a very portable setup for using on the road
    Also the Previewing to set favorites or doing some automation stuff without having to bring out the KK S 49/61/88 MK2
    I am pretty sure that there are a lot more people out there that have even more reasons

    I am also Pretty sure that the buttons that are not used can get a different function in KK
    it might even be interesting to see implementations that enhance the workflow of KK when paired with Maschine HW
    like for example switching between instance at the press of one button or pad or even jumping multiple banks within the mixer section this way

    I am Pretty sure that people might have some good suggestions for this kind of stuff

    if you are afraid it will take away from the KK Hardware lineup than make it so it will enhance the usage when having both in KK

    it's the Potential of giving people that already have Maschine A taste of what KK can do for them with what they already have
    and making them look into getting your KK line of hardware to replace the aging keyboard they might have ...

    If you do this the right way you will only benefit from this as a company
  7. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    I would agree it was an MPC style Drum-Machine-like device, maybe this is why I personally give priority to standalone-app form since it doesn't depend on the DAW and generally acts more like a real standalone MPC-like device. What I was saying was the standalone sw came first, but I've rechecked and I am was wrong, v1.0 had both plugin and standalone app form back in 2009 first release (thanks for pointing this out).

    Anything regardding why/how someone would use the standalone VS plugin is highly subjective, I doubt 'making kits' is/was the main goal for most people using the sw version, but again.. super subjective.

    Good question, probably because I didn't find an old thread with this specific request when I restructured the request section, I avoid adding things in there that don't have a tread with decent feedback or it can came across as I am manipulating it according to my personal desires. The search function on the forum isn't the best but if you find one let me know. As you may imagine after all these years I don't have a lot of faith that top requests are a priority for NI anyway...

    I don't think it would take anything away or cannibalize sales, the worst that could happen if Maschine HW officially supports controlling KK or vice-versa is that the layout and design of the HW might not suit the SW 100% so some functionality would be omitted and complaints that "I can't access X feature in KK thru Maschine" would rain down, this would mostly be an issue in the reverse, as in: KK HW controlling Maschine-SW tho.
    Considering all the current problems this request is very low prio for me personally but I do understand many users would love this.
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  8. BriFi

    BriFi NI Product Owner

    Exactly this. I just want to be able to use the nks standard brower in the daw of my choice which maschine hardware instead of having to route a million things between ableton and the maschine software.
  9. Trevor Meier

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    Mentioned elsewhere... but I'd love to see this. For certain projects that have to live in a DAW, the workflow would be much smoother if Maschine would work as a controller for Komplete Kontrol.