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    I feel like the answer to this is so simple but I can't figure it out yet... I would sooooo appreciate anyone in the communities help!

    When using Maschine as a plug in inside of Abelton, I would like the maschine pattern to start when I restart the loop in abelton. For whatever reason I can't figure out how to do this, I end up recording in Maschine and then need to chop it up in Abelton to get the timing right. Surely there is a way to start the the maschine pattern at 0 time anytime abelton begins? Hopefully this makes sense, and again thank anyone in advance!
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    I think i understand you.

    Maschine is not the master sequencer when being used as a plugin, its a slave. when you have a pattern within Maschine, it's limited to Ableton loop length before Maschines internal one. playback begins where Ableton Live says playback begins.

    When you switch to using Maschine as a tool, not the canvas, you have to make a conscious choice to do things differently to be more effective.

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    don't use ableton but you certainly should not have to chop up maschine patterns for timing, it should be in sync automatically if used as plugin

    in cubase i can stop the audio, jump anywhere on my cubase timeline and maschine auto follows in beat and bar count to match the track

    i wonder if i am understanding you or if the question is meant differently
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    Be sure to be in Arranger view and to activate retrigger in sync parameter on the top tool bar in MAschine
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    Ahhh, thank you gentleman, I've got it now! Much appreciated!
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