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Maschine+ Piano Roll feature

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Trevorhor, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Trevorhor

    Trevorhor NI Product Owner

    Maschine+ is a great achievement for NI engineers.

    That said, it’s not possible to get all features in an initial release. IMO, the biggest weakness is Maschine+'s lack of options for editing the Piano roll. No mouse, no touchscreen (which is really not that great on the Akai I've tried) and no Jam support. Selecting events is the sole and cumbersome way to make edits to the piano roll.

    If Jam is not supported, then NI please consider making an App that would allow direct midi editing on the Maschine/Maschine+ piano roll.

    1) IOS devices have the best and most responsive touchscreens - far better than any Akai screen. Offers response to critics who wanted a touch screen.
    2) Ability to see events on an iPad size screen: select, move, delete note events. Transport too. Over WiFi network. Best experience available, just try it on Korg's gadget.
    3) Nice perk for desktop Maschine users. Sit on your couch and compose on Maschine's desktop.
    4) Select/Edit jockeys don't have to use it but I bet they would not be able to edit their piano roll as fast as touchscreen/app users.
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  2. GoKeez

    GoKeez NI Product Owner


    Great post. I would go further. NI should upgrade iMaschine and allow it to be the main display for Maschine+. It would further incentivize the upgrade from Mk3. Its unfortunate that the + uses the same thumbnail view of instruments used which isn’t helpful for tweaking sounds and creating patches. If we could open Massive, FM8, Monarch, etc full interface on iPad screen it would be great for sound design. Also expand piano roll as mentioned above and turbo charge sampling as we’d be able to see waveform better.

    We know this won’t happen but it should.
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  3. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    An app for both iOS, Android and Windows (Surfaces have excellent touchscreens) to replace the seemingly discontinued Jam would be very nice. The biggest challenge with future Jam improvements was always going to be the static hardware buttons and lack of true display, and without much visual feedback on the displays, the Maschine+ could really stand to be augmented in some way, which is why the lack of Jam support is a missed opportunity.
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