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Maschine Remote app (like Logic Remote)

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by 75er, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. 75er

    75er Forum Member

    Seems like Maschine MKI users are lost on the new mixer in Maschine 2.x software and display on the controller a bit.
    But I guess also MKII, Mikro and Studio users will really like this.

    Logic Remote for Logic and Garageband is maybe my most favorit app on the iPad at the moment.
    I really think NI should have something like that for us Maschine users.

    I'm giving a lot of Maschine workshops in musicschools and the students also ask about a better and more usable mixer a lot.
    Now with Maschine 2.x software you guys at NI really should come up with an app for a touchscreen mixer and a few other basic Maschine tools. As long as it's less than 8.- Euros for the customers, I guess we'd even pay for it, even now that Logic Remote is a free app. So free would be even better, in times where a lot of users start hating on Native Instruments, because of charging way too much money for a few of their products.

    Get your ass up and do it NI ;)