Maschine SP1200 emulation VS Real SP1200

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    This was actually very close. I took the acoustic kit "studio B" snare and kick from
    Maschine library. In Maschine I did an internal sample with it pitched up 7 semi tones, I then turned on SP1200 mode and dropped it 7 semitones. I used the same snare and kick and same method on the SP1200. The pattern goes:

    Maschine - Snare, Snare.......Kick, Kick

    Maschine SP1200 Mode - Snare, Snare.......Kick, Kick

    SP1200 - Snare, Snare.....Kick, Kick

    I mean, WOW. Before I had tried out the SP1200 mode and wrote it off because I didn't pitch anything down. Pitching stuff down while in SP1200 mode makes all the difference. And sure there is a difference between the emulation and the real thing, but it is so much closer than I thought. Nice job NI.

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    Great thread. Thank you very much for this comparison.
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    great man thanks..

    i still stand by my thing that it sounds nothing like an sp1200...