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Maschine+ Standalone

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by ExactBeats, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. alexbuga

    alexbuga NI Product Owner

    I got a UPS tracking number too. Arriving on Thursday. I’m in Romania.
    I talked to support a few days ago and they said they are doing their best so everyone gets theirs on launch day. Which I find is freaking amazing. I remember how long I waited for my MPC One to arrive...

    I hate it when companies hype the **** out of a product and then delay gratification. NI gets it. :)
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  2. james vogts

    james vogts NI Product Owner

    Lucky Dogs for being able to ship products with no manual and nobody seems to care .
    Been reading the MK3 and software manuals but really interested in a PLUS manual.

    Please share any links. Nothing on the NI site yet.
  3. Dstep ATL

    Dstep ATL NI Product Owner

    No worry for us here in most of the US, it’s not being shipped :D

    all good, wish NI the best with the launch. A good launch likely means better support down the line. There success is what’s best for us all, IMO.
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  4. dolomick

    dolomick New Member

    To Matt@NI or anyone else, do you think changing wavetables on Massive from the Plus will ever be supported?
  5. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats NI Product Owner

  6. errortrax

    errortrax NI Product Owner

    Just hooked up the + to the computer to function as controller with the software, and the usb ports seem to be disabled? Is this normal behavior? You can't use a midi keyboard hooked up to it while in controller mode?
  7. fmq

    fmq NI Product Owner

    Can i setup Midi CC (and map to knobs) to control external synths parameter?