Maschine Studio as Ableton controller [SOLVED]

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    does anyone know why when I follow this tutorial

    the controller doesn't work as expected?
    Like the Clips are not visible (lit up), groups buttons does nothing, play button does not react, etc.. only main 16 pads play selected midi instrument, but how to change the pitch up or down? No idea... etc.

    I have done what has been said in the video tutorial, tried to google everywhere, downloaded some patched Templates. I have tried it only with Ableton Lite, and A. Trial version {both 9.6}. this is how my Maschine looks like.. see attachment
    IN Ableton the studio is selected as control surface, input and Output.

    I can select the template with [shift], navigate with arrows thru the "knob pages" but none of it resembles the behavior we see in the video, or is depicted in the manual from Controller editor folder.


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