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Maschine Studio vs Ableton Push

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by digweedgr, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Yohance Williams

    Yohance Williams New Member

    Push better than maschine hands down, ableton allows you to be more creative easier and faster. Its limitless, you can make your drums sound way better than maschine
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  2. thegreenman

    thegreenman NI Product Owner

    I dont understand why in Maschine some new Features like Scales and an Arpeggiator only work with Hardware Controllers.
    Do I always have to carry this stuff with me? Thats is no progress, Ableton is more user friendly in this regard.
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  3. bobbyduracel

    bobbyduracel NI Product Owner

    I sold my Push 2 awhile back, because I had Maschine Studio & Jam didn't see the need for both. I also own an MK2 unit I purchased used on eBay for dirt cheap. After a few months without Push, I realized that I actually used it a LOT.

    So, I sold Studio & picked up a used Push 2. I then listed the Mk2 and Jam bundle on a few sites to sell them off, but when the traffic was minimal I plugged them all in together on the desk... Now I just love the combo of all 3! If I had to choose one over the other, I'd keep Push. Maschine is sonically AMAZING and has a lot of fun live workflows I dig, but if I had only one program to make music (with one controller) it would be Ableton Suite & Push 2. Too good together. I may still sell the Maschine boxes, but for now I don't mind them sitting on my desk.