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Maschine templates

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by TechnoG0D, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. rhymesgalor

    rhymesgalor New Member

    I've Looked THRU ALL 22 pages And THIS IS CRAZY.
    Come on Native Instruments. PLEASE Give US a User Lib for templates.
    I have spent At lease 3000 on your software & hardware,and Am just looking for some helpful Small things,Like a Proper REASON Template.
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  2. kemijo

    kemijo Forum Member

    Hi Sowari and SBkillabeatz, I am having the exact same issue - I'll re-explain it for anyone that is unclear as to what's wrong. In Ableton using the NI Maschine studio template, the first thing I always have to do is turn the octave pot one step counter clockwise, which shifts my octave down and sets up the pads correctly for sending/recording midi in Ableton. Currently this doesn't work as octave, scale and base note only shift 'up' as if I was turning the knob clockwise, regardless of whether I turn the pot clockwise or counter clockwise. This one bug makes the Ableton Maschine Template unusable for me.

    Any update on a fix Sowari? Does anyone know of a temporary workaround? Is there any other way to change the octave down by one? Better yet, is there a way to permanently set it to the octave I want so I don't need to do this every time I start Live and Maschine?

    I'm on OSX Mountain Lion using Ableton 9.1.7 64bit, Maschine 2.2.1.

    Thanks a lot for any responses.
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  3. CilentCipha

    CilentCipha NI Product Owner

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  4. alexfsu

    alexfsu Forum Member

    has Ablechine been updated? I can't seem to find it online anywhere....
  5. Montrey

    Montrey New Member

    I'm having this exact issue. Glad its not just me. I'm going to try downgrading to 9.0.x on mac to see if that fixes it but right now I can't even use my Maschine with ableton ;-(
  6. Taha99

    Taha99 New Member

    Is there any way using Launchkey Mini with Maschine 2............................
    Plz anyway possible because i cannot Afford or Buy a Maschine controller.................
  7. SBkillabeatz

    SBkillabeatz NI Product Owner

    i think your in the wrong thread here. this is for maschine users having problems with the templates.

    and if you want to use a legit maschine 2 software you have to buy the controller ;)
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  8. Moniz DAWOOD

    Moniz DAWOOD NI Product Owner

    I have been searching for the Maschine Studio Templet for EZ Drummer but i can not find at Knowledge Base and in the templet section on my maschine Controller software. There are tepmlets for Ableton Live and few other drum programs there nothing on EZ Drummer.

  9. J Butler

    J Butler NI Product Owner

    I learned more about how to set up Maschine from this template than anything I have seen yet. This! More of this is what the Maschine community needs!
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  10. Aaron Wirtz

    Aaron Wirtz New Member

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  11. djkirk1

    djkirk1 NI Product Owner

    hey guys, i use live and as a novice producer, i don't see how this isn't the most precise and easiest way to get what you're doing in maschine over into live... you can either record right into it from the patterns and scenes you created, or you can drag and drop that audio there... to me i don't know see what the whole fuss of transferring midi over... this seems way easier? please help a noob understand...

    i apologize if this is in the wrong thread!


    dj kirk

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  12. Louis~

    Louis~ NI Product Owner

    Thanks for the picture but this seems to be all Audio tracks? A brief explanation of Maschine settings would help also.
    Getting audio into Live is not the problem, .. it's getting multiple Groups midi and audio into Live tracks.
  13. djkirk1

    djkirk1 NI Product Owner

    i'll try to post another thread somewhere with a better idea! thanks
  14. kolta

    kolta NI Product Owner

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2015
  15. NiDBiLD

    NiDBiLD New Member

  16. jon parra

    jon parra New Member

    studio one template available for maschine yet
  17. CakeAlexS

    CakeAlexS NI Product Owner

    Not sure what you are trying to say. (Question or statement?)
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  18. certifiedbeatz

    certifiedbeatz NI Product Owner

    I there a template for Cubase 8.5? I just bought maschine studio and have Komplete Kontrol
  19. mouser

    mouser New Member

    I am using the latest Controller Editor 1.9.3 with the Ableton Live V2 Template. There is a very annoying problem with the Maschine MK2 template where in Pad Mode, the first 4 pads point to C3, C#3, D3 and D#3 even though the controller editor says they should be pointed to C0, C#0, D0 and D#0. All the other pads work correctly. Is there a problem with my setup?
  20. mouser

    mouser New Member

    Is there anyone from NI that can address the issue above, please?