Maschine to control battery and battery only in logic pro 9

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    anyone know how to do this, i've read both the manuals to machine and logic and searched many forums but still no dice......

    so to clarify what I'm trying to do is set machine to say midi channel 1 within the controller editor, as well as setting battery to midi channel number 1 and then have my axiom pro set to all channels so that it controls whatever track is selected.....currently, maschine also controls whatever track is selected BUT i want it to stay on battery only regardless of what track is selected.......any help would be greatly appreciated for if i can't get this to work then there will be a slightly used(over 2 years) maschine on ebay and one less mpc on the market.....

    this is the usual method i follow to set up multiple midi controllers:

    1. Set external controllers to different midi channels; ch.1 & ch.2.
    2. Set the Logic Software Instruments midi channels to match external controller channels ( i.e ch.1&2 ).
    3. Logic Settings -> Recording and enable "Autodemix by midi channel if multitrack recording" which will switch Logic into a "live play" mode.
    4. Arm the tracks of the Software Instruments to audition or record.

    and this works but my axiom still triggers battery and maschine still triggers the instrument selected.......also, the battery track unarms when i change the selected track but thats a different problem

    please helppp1!1
  2. Sigmund Floyd

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    don't know how an MPC would solve this.

    okay try this:

    use the Controller Editor App to change the MIDI Channel of all the Maschine Pads to MIDI Channel 10.

    in Battery make sure all the cells are receiving on MIDI Channel 10.

    or just load Battery into the Maschine Software.

    i don't have Maschine with me so i can't test this.