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Maschine was working... Updated firmware and...

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Imaginetica, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Imaginetica

    Imaginetica New Member

    Hello all...

    I am a brand new Maschine user. I don't have a complicated setup by any means; Macbook, headphones, and of course an MK3. I have only had my MK3 for 2 days.

    I unboxed it, plugged it into my Mac, turned it on, and was able to play and hear everything thru my Mac's speaker! I am very happy!!

    I had to go to work so shutdown everything...

    I came back to it and everything was working fine the same as before. I begin watching tutorials for beginners and went about downloading an expansion pack.

    At some point, I got an alert in Maschine that a firmware update for the MK3 was available. I downloaded it. Installed it. It restarted.

    I went back to use the MK3 after the firmware was updated and the expansion pack was installed. I immediately ran into hearing NOTHING.

    I could see everything in the Maschine and on the MK3 working exactly as expected only no sound what so ever. Start/stop projects in Maschine or on the MK3 and watch them both work as if I had muted my system; however, I could hear sound from other NI instruments like FM8 and Absynth just fine.

    I literally only installed those two things. I don't think I even touched Maschine or the MK3 during the installations. At this point, I am very sad.

    I read a bunch of stuff on how to fix the problem but nothing was exactly the same problem and nothing worked. Every setting change I made during this process was undone as soon as I determined it didn't work. I rebooted my Mac with the MK3 plugged and not plugged. I tried also to use the MK3's headphone jack no difference in any configuration.

    I have no idea what else to do or try.

    Any of you much experience users have any ideas or recommendation? I would really appreciate any help anyone is able to provide.

  2. Reefius

    Reefius NI Product Owner

    What are your audio settings in Maschine software? File --> Preferences --> Audio
  3. Imaginetica

    Imaginetica New Member

    Thanks for the quick response Reefius!
    I'm really confused now... In order to answer your question, I launched the app. I was immediately presented with the Preferences dialog with the Audio tab selected. I had previously turned the MK3 off, so of course, didn't have the MK3 selected as the device. I turned the MK3 on. Thought I had selected the MK3 in the dialog and closed it. EUREKA! Beautiful sounds! I think what has happened is that I misunderstood the narrator of the ask.video I was watching at some point and set it to MK3. I shot myself in the foot at that moment and didn't realize it. Worse, based on that misunderstanding, I didn't think anything of it anytime I saw that setting subsequently.

    Now that I'm really seeing it and thinking a tad, I understand the issue. I should have already known as my KAudio 6 is configured the same way.

    The interesting thing is this though... When it was set to device = MK3 and I was jacked into the MK3 with my headphones I never got any sound out it. I should have. Shouldn't I?

  4. René must be Unique

    René must be Unique NI Product Owner

    You also have to tell the MK3 that.
    You do that in the preferences menu or on the hardware in settings.

  5. Imaginetica

    Imaginetica New Member

    Thanks for the tip Rene