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Mascine+ rant :/

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by toneyrome, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. fmq

    fmq NI Product Owner

    " If you're a DAWless M+ user you can't even delete content from the SD card on the unit, uninstall things, rename a sample, no MIDI Change, no MIDI Mapping, no way to see/edit modulation lanes, etc, etc... "

    huh,that doesn't sound good.i'm planning to use it standalone only,simply because my Desktop OS is not supported by Maschine anymore.Not that i have a choice...
  2. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    But arguably that is one of their biggest problems and one that has plagued practically everywhere I've worked. At the moment it's a vast sprawling, in many cases, mess, where there's a lot of almost duplication and so much to keep 'up to date'. That really has got to be majorly wasteful financially and resource wise. Maschine is one of it's major selling points but its glacial development has helped no-one and makes for less compelling reasons to enter into the system. Hopefully this is changing but at the moment in spite of valiant efforts it is looking a bit two steps forward six steps back.
  3. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Thats up to them to reply but note I am not stating that porting features back and forth is 'hard', what I am saying is if you release a hw that is double the price of the previous flagship you will have to give it a lot of attention for a while, iron out quirks, problems, add features that the main software requires a mouse for, etc... All hw releases have been like this, go to the update thread log spoiler and look up how many things were tweaked/added/fixed specifically for the MK3 after it was released, the Studio is mentioned 10 times and the mk3 40 times.

    If i ask you to make me a track and then also remix it, it might not be hard for you but it sure is double the work and will take you more time to deliver, right? Seems logical since you have two different things to focus on.

    Sure, It might be the biggest problem for some users, I am just quoting the definition given to us of the "One Native" term.
    Users will only be aware of deeper issues after getting into the system and learning it well enough to be proficient, this applies to any other product from any company tho, it's not an NI/Maschine thing.
  4. GoKeez

    GoKeez NI Product Owner

    All very great points. My only hope is in that fact that they’ve been developing and improving Maschine/Mk3/etc while apparently developing Plus for some time and have been pretty consistent with fixes and updates. Now that it’s launched, the main development or heavy lifting is over. Now it’s refining and fortifying right?

    NI has dropped several new hardware/software products while also developing Plus so I don’t see any reason they won’t get better and more efficient at it. Now, perhaps they’ll have more income (Dev resources).
  5. olafmol

    olafmol NI Product Owner

    I totally get this, having managed multiple generations of the same product. The thing is: it would be the smart thing for any company to create a unified platform that can support the development of features for all relevant Hw platforms That are commercially viable and not EOL. price wise there is a big gap between mk3 and m+, so they are both catering to different audiences and not canabilizing on eachother to much. If they put mk3 on the backburner it would result in more churn to other brands as there is no close alternative in their portfolio price wise.