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massive x systain pedal stops note playback

Discussion in 'MASSIVE + MASSIVE X' started by Michael Garate, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. Michael Garate

    Michael Garate New Member

    I have an issue with the sustain pedal stopping note playback in Massive X. To reproduce (in 1.3.1 R213, Full license, controlled via Ableton Live):
    • Press a key (ex. C4).
    • Press and hold the sustain pedal.
    • Release the key; it sustains just fine.
    • Press the same key again and hold this time.
    • Now release the sustain pedal; the note ends even though the key is still being held.

    This issue has identified before, but the thread was closed without it being resolved.

    This makes the patch unusable for my live performances. Would it be possible to give an update on the status of the internal bug that was filed?
  2. Jeremy @ NI

    Jeremy @ NI Support Team NI Team

    Hello Michael,
    This bug is not fixed yet. Users reprorted it only happened on few presets, do you experience it with all of them ?
    Please get in touch through this typeform, so we can gather some more data :
  3. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Well-Known Member

    I can confirm it happening on any polyphonic preset following those exact steps. I've filed it to Cenercode.

    I know I said I couldn't confirm it in that old support community ticket, but that was before somebody posted very clear instructions on how to do so. I can now 100% reproduce it every time with those steps. Again, monophonic patches seem fine, it's just polyphonic patches that get this bug.
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  4. Jeremy @ NI

    Jeremy @ NI Support Team NI Team

    Thanks for that EvilDragon, I'm adding this information to the bug report !
  5. Michael Garate

    Michael Garate New Member

    Thank you for filing the report with these details! :thumbsup:
  6. Friede

    Friede New Member

    Hi guys, probably there's no news on this?
    Some time ago (2 years maybe?) I posted an extensive bug report in the forum, but may account from that time doesn't exist anymore.

    So if it's of any help, I could pin it down to this:

    It probably is a bug somewhere in the polyphonic sorting/assignment algorithm. Things I could (most probably) verify after a lot of trying around different scenarios:
    - Mono is working fine.
    - In Poly the bug always occurs.
    - set to 2 voices, every other note disappears
    - set to 4 voices, every 4th note disappears (and so on, 64 voices is only dropping every 64th note, but in live situations you are still left with holes in your sound every few bars, so that's not really an option)

    Experimenting further I found:
    if switched to mono and back the sorting/assignment algorithm seems to reset. After that, _aways_ the first note disappears. And then again every n-th note depending on number of voices set.

    The polyphonic algorithm works roughly like this:
    it creates n slots (n voices). The first note played goes into slot 1. The second note - _regardless_ of weather the 1st is still playing or not - goes to slot 2. And so on until the n-th note goes to slot number n. The note after that goes to slot 1 again. Even if the same note is played, it always gets its own next slot.

    Notes stop playing if:
    1. case: the key is released. the corresponding slot is regarded as free again, a new note can go in after the algorithm went through the other slots
    2. case: a key is pressed and it wants to use the next slot in the line, but that one is still occupied by a note thats key is still pressed (and also no other slot is free) and not released yet. this slot is freed up, the note is stopped, and the new one can go in
    3. case: the same as case 2 but the note is hold by sustain pedal. slot gets freed, note stops playing, new note goes in
    4. case: the sustain pedal is released. now every note still in sustain should be stopped and all corresponding slots freed UNLESS the key is still pressed. ==>> at this point the algorithm is buggy and _always_ clears the first slot, regardless if its key is still down or not.

    If this saves some time looking for a cause to this bug and may help to fix it sooner, i'd me more then glad. If it doesn't, you, or someone, probably wasted some time reading it, sorry for that. But just maybe I hope it helps, because it would really be useful to me, if I could use Massive-X in live situations and use the sustain pedal.


    p.s.: in the meantime I tried to find some midi-tool that translates sustain-messages to note-lengths. cubase can do this offline, but there's no option to do it on live data, so any hint in this department would be very appreciated.