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  1. herw

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    a nice helper to visualize functions is GeoGebra.
    It is free and runs on all platforms; you can use it online too.

    I have used it last days to animate several ADSR-curves.
    The construction protocol needs only nine lines.
    Hüllkurve1.gif Hüllkurve2.gif Hüllkurve3.gif
    it is multilingual

    ciao herw
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    Reaktor Excel file

    I hope some find this useful. It's a one sheet Excel file I made a long time ago.
    It has many useful calculations for Reaktor and Synthedit pitch frequency amp level and time inputs. I open it when I have a lot of constants to create and I don't want to add and delete conversion modules for two hours.

    To use, type only in the underlined areas the input, and the calculation appears in the boxed area. Never type in the boxes or you'll overwrite the equations.

    Sorry it's not documented at all, but I think the purpose of everything will be obvious to builders.


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  3. Aleksandr Smirnov

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    Nice, Mike! Thanks for sharing. Hope I'll use it someday ;)
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    Hi, i've made this macro some time ago to convert A to LvL in core cell, it acts like the main module Atolvl, including the -300db cap when A=0
    I've tried using that logarythm Herw has suggested but results are different form the module, what am i missing?
    for example with my macro if i use 0.25 for A it gives -12 for lvl, that is the same result i get with the classic module, while using that log with base 1.2202 i get -6,9.

    Also please i need help to make a F2P macro in core cell, i'm not able to translate this formula into corecell.

    EDIT: ok found it, it's different from the formula above but it works, don't ask me why cause i don't know, i have been lucky with my attempts :)

    EDIT2: found better costant for the lower clip, re-uploaded macros

    i don't understand why those macros are not present in the library but only the other way, lazy programmers or what ?

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    It works cause at same base log(x/y)=log(x)-log(y), and log(x*y)=log(x)+log(y)... by accident you have discovered the most efficient way to do the formula cause division is more CPU consuming than subtraction xD
    I have just discover this, really interesting! I normaly use
  6. herw

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    yes GeoGebra is one of the main tools on german schools in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) and it is free and very helpful.
    I like to solve such „problems” in REAKTOR.
    The formula is from REAKTOR 2.3's manual.

    ciao herw
  7. Psynapsex

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    Using a Sample Lookup how would I figure the Hz of the oscillator to drive the Sample Lookup sample at its original pitch?
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