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Discussion in 'Tone Workshop' started by Räv, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Räv

    Räv New Member

    Hi folks, I bring two songs of metalness.. And was hoping that you ppl could comment on my progress. :)

    The band consists of me and a friend.
    I have been using GuitarRig 2 lately for the guitars. Simulating distortion and cabinets ,just like every other metalhead out there using GuitarRig, Ive had a hard time to achive something that worked out in the final mix. :eek:

    At a stage, I used the original distorion of my Marhsall amp, but the "speaker-simulation" and my Marshall diden't get along, so I ended up simulating it all.

    I also use GuitarRig on the bass track, using a modded version of the corny preset. (and it needed some modding indeed)
  2. Lastcaress83

    Lastcaress83 NI Product Owner

    Nice Sounds!
    Good mix too.
    So much for people's claims that it's impossible to get a good metal tone from GR.
  3. Hexensix

    Hexensix NI Product Owner

    wow, very interested in your settings for the bass. :D
  4. Lunacy

    Lunacy Forum Member

    great guitar sound. i don't suppose you want to share it with us do you?
  5. Räv

    Räv New Member

    Thanks: : )
    The bass uses a modded "corny bass" preset, with appropriate EQ'ing and compression applied.

    I'm affraid I cant provide the very same preset as we are using. But it is based on a strongly modded "slipknot" preset.
    With some compression and tons and tons of EQing to ridd as much of the GR2 lowfidelity distortion quality... <.<

    Seriousely, I've been thinking about purchasing a Peavey 5150 instead since its such a pain in the ass to get a clean "metal sound" with Guitar Rig. The distortions renders extremely noisy sound, and there is not a single preset that can be applied in a real song mix without totaly remaking it.
    You are better of from scratch then using the supplied presets.

    As a matter of fact, I dont know if it even is possible to use "presets" for guitarsounds. since they are dependent on the rest of the mix to blend in, and has to be customized to fit in the full picture of your "sound".

    But the issue with GR's ever so clean distortion is still a major issue.

    Now this would be my personal oppinion on the matter.

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