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MIDI implementation of Massive, control Wavetable selection

Discussion in 'MASSIVE' started by Airyck, May 22, 2013.

  1. Airyck

    Airyck NI Product Owner

    I'm kinda going MIDI / Automap crazy with all my plugins right now.

    I've mapped Largo in a way that I don't even need to open the plugin GUI to program entire patches from scratch.

    I briefly started on Massive Last night but noticed right away that I'm not going to be able to do the same completely but I would like to put as much control as possible into Automap.

    The first thing I noticed is that I wasn't able to map the selection of Wavetables.
    Is there something that I'm hopefully missing? Even if it was just to scan through them 1 by 1 with a button press I'd be fine with that.

    Is this even possible?
  2. p1afff

    p1afff NI Product Owner

    Me too, mapping on MASCHINE, I'm looking for Oscillator mute/unmute for example...
  3. Zizi

    Zizi New Member

    Ha Ha!
    Absynth for example has only 16 automation/MIDI CC parameters.

    Massive and Absynth was designed as mouse/pad dependet sound design synths.
    FM8 has much better midi implementation.
    Reaktor 5 has excellent intelligent automation params implementation, but I have params detuning issue with Novation Automap :(
    Reaktor 5 automation works fine on NI Kore controller :)