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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bbshnai, Jun 25, 2019.

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    As most people interested in Kontakt as a microtonal device know, there is a scripting language (KSP) that will occasionally work, based on the instrument library you are working with.

    What I am curious is: How does it work?

    The scripting language looks like this:
    %tune[0] := -14910
    %keynum[1] := 4
    %tune[1] := 33859
    %keynum[2] := 5
    %tune[2] := 4532
    %keynum[3] := 6
    %tune[3] := 16263

    Essentially, each key on the keyboard is given a tuning value. These numbers do not seem to be pitchbend messages, nor do they seem to work like pitchbend messages. What are they?

    If I send microtonal pitch bends to Kontakt, it can sound quite bad, because it is focusing on a single channel and you hear the notes glide with the pitch bends. This "tune" protocol seems to work more naturally....and ideally, I would like to send those messages from outside of Kontakt, since some of the instrument libraries have full script libraries already and I can't seem to add to them.

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    Those are tuning offsets in microcents, using change_tune() command of KSP. You cannot send this command externally to Kontakt, though.
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    Well, is there any another way to send that command, aside from the instrument script editor? The formerly 'empty' slot script editors for many of these libraries are already occupied.