Midi note names!!!!

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    Hi POEPLE of NI!

    First of all, great stuff you,ll all make!

    I was considering to buy battery4, but ive got 1 thing why i dont!
    Im a samplebased "musician"... So i use a lot of samplers like the shortcircuit 2 the new tx16w. and fxpansion GEIST, and sometimes linplugg RMV... Well good for me you,ll all say! But why!? i use this software is that they show their samplenames/keys/pads/ or in this case CELLS, in my pianoroll.
    And the strange thing about battry 4 is well not??????
    And 2 of the pluggs i mentioned are totaly for FREE!!
    So please take a look at it! I was really hoping it was a feature in battery4 by now.. but unfortunately it isn,t.
    Now maybe you,ll think why not make key maps? Well im lazy and when you hussle youre samples around,(on the pads/keys/cells) it makes it totally eeuh whats the word in english? Confusing...
    If this feature will be there in the future, im hooked! Cause i think its a great product with great features!
    Only for me that "little" thing... what makes samplebased users their lives a lot BIG easier!

    Hope you guys read this and consider it! thnx for reading!

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    Serious? Nobody? its got to be a standard in drum/sample software,... look at BFD!