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  1. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    INtroduction:In order to enable midi feedback on controllers, and also to trigger other devices with traktors activities there must be a midi output section in the program. This makes many things possible. This request is aimed at the design of a midi-out-put system that can control other applications and external equipment as well as giving feed back to controllers. Also the system has a switchable out-put on every command so that problem commands can be turned off with out deleting the actual command generating parameter.

    Since there has been so much talk of midi control of traktor. This is not a new idea but, it's a very good idea for many reasons. Some of which I am keeping top secret--james bond smiley=:cool:
    Any-one who is capable of understanding the usefulness of this feature will be happy to endorse it. Those who would argue its usefulness will not understand it to begin with. :p
    I have recently done some tests with ----------<names application.
    I mimicked the actions of traktor going out of traktor in their midi equivalents(control notes that trigger the action)
    And then controlling the other alternative applications controls.
    The results are very nice. I am sure that anyone, who is aware, may fill in the blanks here so as to gauge the usefulness of this improvement.

    abstraction of improvement.

    -To create an additional feature of MIDI out that originates at the traktors midi out section. this may be accessed by a midi interface or by the internal buses and networked buses of the computer system. This function is Already available in the Midi set-up pane of the preferences. It is however a skeleton with no real function. not even a through type output that passes on the signals traktor might be recieving from its controllers.

    -this bus out put will reflect all (active) midi-out notes on their respective(assigned) channels that are generated by traktor. Similar to the in section--any number of buses or interfaces may receive the midi out signals.

    Midi out notes will consist of notes generated by any out note action in traktor.
    There are three sections of note-out generation.:eek:

    midi-controlled actions -out

    hot key-controlled actions -out

    absolute-controlled actions -out

    EAch out-notes value, and channel will be assignable by user. And additionally The output bus will be organizable by channels basically giving a filter to what channels reside on what buses, and hence forth what controls are sent to particular interfaces or controllers. A model of this is already available on the macintosh IAC system where users may select the channels that the bus carries.

    This is very simple to understand in terms of the current hot key and midi control panes. Basically another identacle set of panes that is an out section is attached to the current hot key and midi control sections. There is also an additional group of values added to the lists within these sections to reflect each actions out status and note value. This achieves organization and structure for the users understanding of the system. BAsically whenever these controls are triggered a note defined by the user is sent to the midi out-put bus on the channel also defined by user. These notes might be thought of as parallel to the traditional controls that are defined by the user for controlling of traktor. They simply act as a through but are also definable so that the out-note and channel may be different than the in-note or hot key.

    Additionally there should be added an 'active' section in the list. this basically turns off an input control so that its function is diminished and does not affect traktors controls but still its output section functions as configured by the user and sends the defined out-put note. this is also optionally diminished. Basically two on/off switches on each action. Giving the action variable statuses of: OFF / ON with no output / off with output / and on with output. This would reduce the need to delete actions from the lists and give added usability.

    In addition to these two parralel output sections there is also the absolute section. This section is controlled by all actions that take place in traktor. Any adjustment made on the desktop or by hot-key or midi action will be reflected in this section because these notes are generated by the controls of the interface. Also any action that takes place by its pre-programmed value such as the case with NMX playback will also be reflected in this control-out section. This is an additional section in the hot-key and midi-set-up section of the preferences. It is similar to the Action triggering sections with a list of all applicable actions and an assignment section. The assignment controls consist of midi notes and channels as well as DMX, OSC, mackie control universal etc.. options. This will be the main output section because it allows any control that is happening in traktor to control any output paradigm or language. This would be useful for controller feed back or output to any external device that accepts input by the supported languages. ALso its output section has a set of active switches in the list so that the user may turn off an out-put value and diminish its effect on the recieving devices.

    IT is obvious-- the utility, that this improvement will add to the software. Aditonally SYNC and text-options should be supported, as well as newer languages that are developed to take advantage of traktor's interface, control language, and programming.

    walla -- traktor becomes the master controller for your entire studio or live show.
  2. Marc_Tf

    Marc_Tf NI Product Owner

    Wow.. That would make the whole program very very deep..

    I DIG!
  3. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    there really isn't a program that does this. Ableton does to a certain extent.

    What im talking about is a way which someone can open up their traktor and start sending control notes and defining their trigger and parameters like a DJ. Because the Program already has an existing structure of knobs and faders and a dedicated hardware base that supports it as well as a user base that understands it to some extent. The next logical step is to make that knowledge of control structure and movement available to other platforms.

    I guess its hardly logic--this would just be super cool.

    through traktor -- you could setup and collate a number of controllers to control lighting, efx, video. Anything that accepts control language. And because of the number of controllable parameters in traktor and how you can trigger them there is the ability to cross that over. Your actions in traktor can be making things happen in other programs in addtion to what is going on in traktor.

    Making the absolute controls such as on screen knobs and faders available to trigger midi notes would be super sick. And hot keys as well. Traktor's hot key setups could be used to trigger actions in DAW lighting and synthesizers, or external efx modules. The computer key board is probably the most popular and well known controller on the planet and traktor could be a Djs interface to actually make that controller a viable input device.

    Take for instance the numerical keypad. basically 12 keys. If those twelve keys had twelve connected buttons or knobs on the screen that could be programmed on the screen to send groups of notes like a twelve pad mpc sends notes it would be very awesome.

    You would pull up the configuration for the on screen mpc and just configure it like you would a hardware version. It could have repeat settings and threshold levels, multi-note-sends, links to other pads and knobs, then one key on the keyboard could give you complete template of settings in traktor or an outside program.

    The possabilities are pretty endless and obviously it could get too complicated. But a good feature set to start out with would be a 'start'.

    Cue points that trigger midi also a good idea. And of course traktors ability to play midi files like a turntable. Sending notes to external synths or to itself. A set of midi notes on one deck controlling the eq and filter and fader patterns for another deck and being able to manipulate that with a turntable.. TOTALLY SICK
  4. dj_smex

    dj_smex NI Product Owner

    sounds real cool to me a kind of programable midi rooting in/out via T3.

    Reason has something simular in as much as you can connect various CV (control voltage) cables from one device to another in its software rack. However, with T3, it could be used to control other apps/hardware etc.

    nice idea!
  5. jonniesparko

    jonniesparko Forum Member

    + 1 to be able to control lighting with Traktor, but i'ts not must have for me.

    + 7 on cue points that can activate MIDI sequences.

    Like you might pre-map a certain track to a LP filter, that gets activated automatically by cue point or similar. I can see how that would be cool while mixing out of one track to another. Controlling the filter of one deck while trying to mix that deck and another might be overwhelming, but actually, I've never tried it.

    So that'll go to the "to do" list.
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