MIDI-Template for controlling Logic with MK3

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    Happy holidays!

    With the "updated" lack of sequencer improvement in Maschine-software, I recently switched over to LOGIC. No I try to find my workflow with Maschine in Plugin-Mode.

    With this thread, I want to show what is possible when using Maschine as a MIDI-Controller.
    Secondly, I want to share my first MIDI-Template for MASCHINE MK3 within LOGIC PRO X (current version).

    The core of MIDI-functions is based on CC-assignment within LOGIC (assignment of keyboard commands), while others had be assigned inside the controller editor via MCU-commands. To use my template it´s necessary to download the NI-controller-editor file and the file for the assigned LOGIC-keyboard commands (zipped in attachment). Currently, I'm not sure if it´s working seamlessly, after importing these file to another computer.
    This version isn't tested in detail yet but it feels good so far. Fur sure I have to adapt the template regarding particular functions.
    Feel free to post your ideas...

    My aim is to have Maschine-SW and Maschine HW as a central piece of my production workflow.
    1.) Beat-producing in Maschine-SW (without group- or master-FX)
    2.) Export of all AUDIO-files into LOGIC
    3.) Switch into MIDI-Mode via SHIFT+CHANNEL to control LOGIC via my MK3-controller

    Here are the assigned functions:
    Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-19 um 09.50.22.png

    Look of the layout:
    Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-19 um 09.22.14.png

    Activated MACK CONTROL-surface in LOGIC PRO X with it`s preferences:
    Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-19 um 09.47.07.png

    I hope this post is helping someone out there....

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    Really cool
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  3. Sedat Senguel

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    Hello supercreative,

    thanks for your efforts! I downloaded your template and the controller editor seems to load everything but in Logic Pro X it seems that not every functionality gets mapped. Or lets say I'm not sure if anything gets mappped. It feels like only the standard M32 settings work like play, pause, wheel for playhead navigation. I'm on the newest Maschine 2.84 ans the LPX Version as of today. Any suggestions?

    best regards
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