Denied Mikro Mk3 midi mode to be just like the keyboards

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by vertibration, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. vertibration

    vertibration NI Product Owner

    i hope they make the midi mode just like the A series keyboards so we have access to chords and scales
  2. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

    In midi mode you don't have access to chords and scales with a series keyboards (and all other native hardware too) but you have chord sets and scales to choose from under keyboard mode. And I'm sure that you can also use it with mikro mk3.


  3. Justin Hampton

    Justin Hampton New Member

    It would be useful to have the same functions available through the maschine software enabled while in Midi mode....or atleast the ability to transpose the drum pads.
  4. Caitlyn Byrne

    Caitlyn Byrne New Member

    I am a new Maschine user (MK3), and also would like to see the ability to transpose octaves, semitones, and do scales/chords in MIDI mode like you can do in Maschine software more.
    (I mean cmon, cheap Launchpads can do it, but not a $650 MK3?)
  5. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Requested denied. The A-Series MIDI Mode doesn't have any Smart Play features like Scales or Chords.

    For octaves, you can just change Group, each Group has an octave, some scripts do it in a smarter way, this for example.

    General MIDI mode having scales/chords would be awesome but thats all handled by the software (Maschine/KK) not by the hardware, a better remote script for Ableton could handle that but i never saw a script that could talk to the Maschine Screens, that makes it hard to implement such complex features that require lists of scales and visual feedback.

    You can route the MIDI Out of Maschine-VST to an Ableton MIDI Track to use Chords/Scales, it's a bit complicated for beginners but can be done, open a thread in the public forum if you want help with that.