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Mk2 s61 price gone up

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by kaotik78, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. kaotik78

    kaotik78 NI Product Owner

    i just happened to notice that the Mk2 s61 seems to have gone up in price from 699.99 to 729.99 to 779.99?

    Has anyone had any good experiences from thomannmusic.com? They seem to have reasonable prices.

    Genuinely curious about the price hike though.
  2. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee NI Product Owner

    In Australia it appears the cost for the S61 MK2 was $975 and is now $1049au tho you can get it at the old price through some retailers still.

    So appears that yes, they have pushed the price up by about 8% and that coupled with the recent news of downsizing and sudden shifts of focus kind of suggest there are not enough beans in the jar as it is always strange when a product that has been out for some time suddenly goes up in price.
  3. pranaearth

    pranaearth NI Product Owner

    The S61MKII has jumped up $50 from when I originally purchased it from my MI dealer here in the USA
  4. gagsmedia

    gagsmedia NI Product Owner

    Search around there are old prices still about.
  5. BobF3

    BobF3 NI Product Owner

    I've been seeing $779 online for quite a while. Went to a MI store and found some on a shelf marked $729. My trade-ins more than covered the price so no sales tax and an additional 10% off of the $729 = $656.10. I was quite happy when I left the shop.
  6. kaotik78

    kaotik78 NI Product Owner

    Strange indeed, I’ll just keep shopping around, and researching about thomannmusic.com.
  7. Bronko

    Bronko NI Product Owner

    Thomann is Germany's (maybe Europe's) largest retailer of music instruments. They usually ship very fast (at least in Germany, ymmv) and I had no problems yet.