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    Hello everyone I understand this is not a technical help thread and I hope I don't get band but I have tried everything I have put in support tickets that are unanswered and I desperately need help. one day all of my USB drivers stopped working I got them to start back working but now my MK3 will not connect to the software yes it comes on with only using the USB cable and dose the light show then display Maschine production and performance system that's it:( I have uninstall and reinstall everything I have switched cables and still nothing I also have a Komplete Kontrol and the jam they work fine I'm using a Toshiba laptop with Windows 10 if anyone can help it'll be much appreciated thanks.

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  2. Uwe303

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    In my case only one thing heloed: disconnect maschine, go to device manager and set it to show all devices, then delete everything maschine related, and if it asks for deleting drivers too say yes, then reinstall maschine driver, Re connect it and it should now work.

  3. God Son 1224

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    Yeah there's nothing in my device manager pertaining to native instruments even when I go up to view and click show hidden devices
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    I'm having a similar issue, nothing in device manager. Have you made any progress?
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    Sorry but no I haven’t
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    A little late response on my end but ey... looking at the screenshot the cause of the issue is hardware related; right now the Maschine doesn't have a proper connection with your computer, so you can forget about controlling the software right now.

    It's one of the cool features of the Maschine controller, it can actually detect & display the current connection status:

    Disconnected state....

    Connected state (note the change in the right display)...

    There are several possible reasons why this might happen:
    • Using an USB3 port. It might work but there could be issues, USB2 is advised at this time.
    • Powering your controller using USB while using a non-powered hub (or port). Your computer should provide enough power, the Mikro should never be a problem, but with the full Maschine controller it could become tricky on some computer hardware. Try using the power supply and see what happens.
    • Using an USB cable which doesn't properly fit. The Maschine is quite picky in this regard; several of my USB cables which were plain out good didn't work with Maschine because the plug didn't properly fit. I ended up using the shipped cable without issues.
    My suggestion would be to try using the shipped USB cable while making sure you're using an USB2 port. Optionally also using the power supply to see if that gives you any changes in behavior.

    But at this point in time don't bother with your OS, no need for device managers and all that simply because the connection hasn't been fully established. The moment it has (and even without the Maschine software being active) you should see the 2nd screen appear. Only then will things work as expected.
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    Yeah thanks for the information but mine is dead I bought new cables A USB hub and a new laptop nothing worked I contacted customer support they gave me a lot of troubleshooting options but nothing worked they gave me the option of sending it in I’m paying almost $200 and waiting almost 2 months for them to look at it they would have sent it back if they could fix it If not they would have sent me a refurbished one so I just bought a new one