mk3+ or mk3 software differences / upgrade possible?

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Valentijn Langendorff, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. Valentijn Langendorff

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    Hallo great!
    I'm considering a mk3 or mk3+ but want to be more sure on the software.

    - What do you get (sounds and software ) with the mk3+ that you won't get with the mk3?
    - What is the software difference in order to work bot on the device mk3+ and on your computers?

    - what do you need to buy to get at lease the mk3+ libraries/software??

    I miss a software comparison.
    Should I buy the mk3+ and also upgrade software with the komplete 13? But why then?
    Or should I buy the mk3 + komplete 13 upgrade?
    For me the mk3+ looks great and feels great but I also want to get the full komplete libs so what upgrades
    on software are there then? Partly on the device and partly in software on de pc??
    When buying komplete you would geting mk3+ a overlap is there a sort of crossover possibility for upgrading mk3+ select to komplete?
    in order to have best on the device and on the laptop??

    regards Valentijn