Monark Crash when close Reaktor, after choose Favorite Preset Location

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by Goldjunge, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Goldjunge

    Goldjunge NI Product Owner

    OS - Win 7 64bit
    DAW - Bitwig 3.0.3
    Reaktor 6.3.1

    Hi i can reproduce a Plugin Crash after choose Favorite Presets Folders for Monark in Biwig 3.0.3.
    I follow a Introduction from NI.
    - https://support.native-instruments....329-How-To-Load-An-Expansion-Preset-in-MONARK

    When i choose the Presets from that Location, i can play any sound but if i close Reaktor i have a error message
    - BitwigPluginHost64.exe dont work anymore

    This happens every time.
    The Windows is grey, and i need to reload Reaktor.

    The Preset Location is:
    X:\Pro\Sound\Plugins\NI-Komplete-X\Aiyn Zahev Sounds - Monark
    X:\Pro\Sound\Plugins\NI-Komplete-X\London Grit\Sounds\Monark Sounds

    Reaktor EXE is in Location is:
    X:\Pro\Sound\Plugins\NI-Komplete-X\Reaktor 6

    Reaktor.dll Location is:

    (there are all 64bit *.dll from NI inside, also Reaktor 5, Massiv X, Absynth 5 a.s.o.)

    What should i do?
  2. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    What if you work with snapshots instead of presets?
    You can save snapshots with the ensemble and don't need to load presets.
  3. Goldjunge

    Goldjunge NI Product Owner

    I actually done with the following process. The easiest way.

    - Open Preset Folder.
    - Under User add a Folder and Name it
    - right mouse "show in folder"
    - copy the presets into that folder you create
    - save as new ENS in the Monark folder (or as the original *.ens)

    Now i have 2 monark.

    - i maybe can save also to the normal monark.ens, so that i dont need a new version?
    - if i load the normal monark, the bank is also inside...but i save it as monark_bank1.ens, why is the bank there?
  4. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    I never work with the originals.
    First I backup an ordered and payed ens
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